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any tips for looking after kids when you are ill ?

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noonki Sun 03-Aug-08 11:39:57

Hi - I am really struggling at the mo. and need some ideas for looking after the kids when I am ill.

Before kids I had ME/Chronic fatigue for two years, pregnancies calmed it down but it has now reared it's ugly head again -

I am undergoing 100's of tests to rule out autoimmune diseases / coeliac disease etc but so far nothing found and I am just getting worse. It means that I am really tired and get easily stressed at my poor kids

Before I got ill they only watched telly about twice a week and now it is on everyday -

What I really need is ideas for entertaining the kids and keeping the house in vague order with as little effort as possible.

My DH is lovely and supportive but is working every hour that godsends as it looks like I will have to give up my part-time job as I am too ill to work. We have no family locally and most of our friends have young children themselves

How do other people manage?

mamadiva Sun 03-Aug-08 11:47:37

I haven't been through this except the odd day of having flu and a slipped disk in my back.

First of all don't worry to much about your house do what you can when you can, there's no point in tiring yourself out even more for housework. Run the hoover over at night and do dishes as you use them. Polishing, windows etc can wait until you feel alright to do it.

How old ae your DC's and do you have a garden for them to play in?

Pheebe Sun 03-Aug-08 11:53:07

Perhaps you could try structuring their play. Have boxes of toys. Get one box out at a time and involve them in clearing that away before the next box comes out. Don't worry about the TV, do whatever it takes to get you all through the day at the mo, better a happy house with settled kids, than a cross, stressed mummy. Sit with them and watch tele, choose what you're watching and do lots of talking about it. Get them to draw and colour things they see on the tv etc. Minimal effort for you and keeps their attention with you.

Would a weekly cleaner be of any help? You'd be surprised how cheap they can be. That way you could focus on just having a basic tidy round at the end of the day.

Can't think of anything else at the mobut hope that helps at little

mamadiva Sun 03-Aug-08 12:01:53

Agreed with Pheebe on this one Use Tv as an activity for all of you to do together rather than just have them sitting watching it. If they are old enough get them to help tidy up every now and again for example give a special treat for helping do the dishes or help hoovering. I used to do this with my mum and loved it.

noonki Sun 03-Aug-08 12:15:45

Hi -

thanks for the replies,

they are only 14 months and 2.8, we luckily have a garden which is a godsend but can result in a lot of mess (mud,water,sand) and effort (falling over etc) but it does tire them out so worth it

but some great ideas - thanks am going to start trying to do the structured play thing - Dh is off on tues so we could organise it together

and thanks for making me feel better about the telly thing

we will think about a cleaner maybe to do the heavy work, but money is a huge issue - but it may have to be prioritised at the mo!

noonki Sun 03-Aug-08 21:52:02


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