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MASSIVE insect bite - what to do/use

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hereorthere Sat 02-Aug-08 22:32:27

Hi, I hope you can help as this bite is driving me to distraction. I only noticed it yesterday but it's gradually been growing (despite avoiding to scratch it as much as possible) and it really is throbbing too.

It's now red, swollen and has now grown to measure 15cm and seems to be growing still.

I'm taking anti-histamines, using insect bite spray and have even tried some HC cream.


notasheep Sat 02-Aug-08 22:37:20

Might be infected-then you will need a course of antibiotics

DontNeedAnything Sat 02-Aug-08 22:40:15

Yes If it is 15cm I would get to Walk-in first thing inteh morning.

hereorthere Sat 02-Aug-08 22:41:18

That would make sense I guess, It actually seems to be growing in front of my eyes and has a weird white outer if that helps!

I can see a trip to the walk in clinic coming along before we go off camping tomorrow....

hereorthere Sat 02-Aug-08 22:42:20

crossed posts!

It is 15cm - just measured. It looks HUGE!

southeastastra Sat 02-Aug-08 22:44:11

go to a&e tonight, if you're going camping tomorrow

hereorthere Sat 02-Aug-08 22:44:27

Just having looked even close (hard when it's at the back og your leg!) and in the centre is a deep deep red bit about 3cm across - like broken blood vessels.


hereorthere Sat 02-Aug-08 22:46:16

We're not going 'til lunchtime so I have got time. I should've gone earlier tonight but it wasn't quite so big then (although was pretty big)

hereorthere Sat 02-Aug-08 22:47:31

can you think of anything else that might help it tonight??? i've also taken ibuprofen.

Doodle2U Sat 02-Aug-08 22:50:12

Have you got any thing that could suck the poison out? We have a syringe type thing that sucks bites - might release some pressure?

lucyellensmum Sat 02-Aug-08 22:50:48

frozen peas! That might bring some of the swelling down. FWIW my mother had similar only her whole foot swelled up too. Refused to take anti-histamines because it had "hayfever tablets" written on the box - she said "i don't have hayfever, if i take those, i will get hayfever!" hmm WTF?? Anyway, two days later and it had gone down.

If it is still swollen and warm to the touch in the morning go to the doctors/hospital.

southeastastra Sat 02-Aug-08 22:53:40

magnesium sulphate is good for drawing things out

hereorthere Sat 02-Aug-08 22:56:05

Ooh peas could be good! I'll go and find some!

I regularly take anti-histamines anyway as i'm allergic to quite a few things (hay fever, pets, dust etc) so I nearly always have them in stock.

I'd love to stick something in to relieve the pressure but I haven't got anything short of a sewing needle.


Doodle2U Sat 02-Aug-08 23:01:13

thread about bites also in active convos at the moment!

DontNeedAnything Sat 02-Aug-08 23:02:04

How quickly is it growing.

If it is growing by more than a couple of cm per hour I think I would ring NHS direct/go and be seen tonight TBH.

hereorthere Sat 02-Aug-08 23:32:38

Fantastic thread - thank you!

The peas are looovely. It's certainly less red than it was bit it is growing. It's now 16cm but, as i said, it looks less red i'm sure.

Nothing awful's going to happen tonight (apart from the lack of sleep!) so i'll leave it until the morning. I'm so tired (maybe it's all the anti-histamines!) that I am going to try to sleep.

Thank you and night night! x

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