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Anyone know anything about temproary lactose intolerance following gastorenteritis?

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Jen1978 Sat 02-Aug-08 20:52:03

DS1 15 months has had a bad dose of gastroenteritis this week (started last sat night), ended up on a drip on monday due to dehyrdation. We were told to cut out dairy and milk by hv, but not for how long! He still has a rubbish appetite, hardly eating much really, all his usual favourites won't really touch, only eating finger foods, refusing to eat stufff like pasta and sauce off a spoon etc. Have been watering down his milk to 1/3 strength today and yesterday and only giving small amounts. But I am so worried about him, he looks so pale and clearly has little energy. Should we still be watering down his milk? He has not got diarrhoea anymore. He was randomly sick in the middle of the night again last night, but nothing else - not sure if the pasta we pureed for him at tea time was too much for him, or whether it was because we gave him 1/2 strength milk at bedtime, or whether it was his reflux (hes on meds for that).
Really need some moral support that we are doing the right thing, he seems so miserable and clingy and I just have no idea if what we are doing is right.

Pheebe Sat 02-Aug-08 21:46:30

DS1 had similar when he was 4 months old. Out gp told us to dilute his milk 1 part in 4 for a couple of days then gradually increase the strength every couple of days as he was tolerating it. We also went on to soya milk to start with then after about 3 weeks gradually went back to his normal stuff. Sounds like you are doing the right thing if his diarrhea has stopped. I would avoid eggs and dairy for now but offer things like toast and jsut give him what he wants really. Def go back to GP they should be able to give you a diet sheet.

hope he's feeling better xx

Evenstar Sat 02-Aug-08 23:26:36

You are able to buy lactose free milk and I think there is a supplement you can add to food to help him digest lactose, ask at the health food shop, but also go back and get GP's advice on diet as you are having problems.

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