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What is the link between that virus and.............

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Interestingquestion Sat 02-Aug-08 16:26:16

cervical cancer?

Do you know the one I mean? I think it raises a woman's chances of getting CC.

Well my question is, if a man's wife died from CC, would HE probably carry that virus? And if so, what are the chances it would increase his next partner's likelihood of also getting CC?

Apologies for awkward question.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 02-Aug-08 20:00:46

HPV is endemic, among sexually active people of a certain age. I think it's longterm exposure that causes the problem, but I'm not sure - I think everyone (ok, just women) needs regular paps.

girlnextdoor Sat 02-Aug-08 20:47:53

hpv- human papilloma virus

yes- multiple partners is the issue
as the more you are exposed to it the more chance of you picking it up.

That man's wife may have picked up the virus from anyone- not him. it can lie dormant for years. But if he was promiscuous, he would have more chance of carrying it.

The state of your immune system is important. Smoking increases your risk a lot, and eating cancer fighting foods like broccoli at least 3x a week reduces it.

deepbreath Sun 03-Aug-08 10:16:08

There are many variants of HPV, most are dealt with by the body's immune system within a few months because it is a transient infection. Only a handful of strains of HPV are thought to go on to cause cervical cancer in some people. As has already been said, there are other factors involved in how a virus will affect you personally.

As horrible as it sounds, the types of HPV that cause obvious genital warts are the kind that don't tend to cause cervical cancer. Sadly, this means that people can carry potentially dangerous strains of HPV and not be aware of it - hence the need for regular smears or check ups at a GUM clinic if you think you may be at risk.

There is a chance that the man in question could be carrying HPV but have no signs or symptoms, so if you were to have unprotected sex with that man then yes, you could also get HPV.

Pheebe Sun 03-Aug-08 12:01:47

OK, most but not all cases of CC are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and condoms are no protection against this virus nor is non penetrative sex as it can be transferred by genital contact.

In your case, you would need to know whether his previous wife's CC was caused by HPV (a small proportion, particularly in younger women aren't). If it was then in all likelihood he is a carrier. As the other posters have said it is endemic among the sexually active population and in fact most infections are cleared naturally and quickly and cause no harm at all.

I do know that women can be tested for HPV infection, not sure if men can but you need to be sensible here and go see your GP. There is a vaccine now that is approved for use in teenage girls but has been tested even in women with existing HPV infection. In your situation your GP may feel you might benefit from the vaccine and more regular smear tests.


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