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Dodgy mole, and experience of removal etc

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sparkymummy Sat 02-Aug-08 13:39:43

I have been to see a dermatologist about a couple of moles and they are taking them out on monday. I am terrified that they are malignant melanomas, esp as my brother has had one removed before. Has anyone had a punch biopsy, and what about how long do you have to wait to find out whether its cancer? I'm a wreck just at the thought that it could be skin cancer as I have a 2 year old DS

Hassled Sat 02-Aug-08 13:47:48

I had one removed from my back a few years ago - a weird, painless feeling as they cut them out (not sure what a punch biopsy is). Heard that there was no problem within about 3 or 4 weeks, but if it had been nasty I'm sure there would have been a much more rapid response.

Easier said than done, but don't panic. Even if it is malignant, it sounds like you've been very on the ball and have got there early, which can only be a good thing.

PussinJimmyChoos Sat 02-Aug-08 13:50:13


I had a dodgy mole removed a few years ago. Was a local anaesthetic and was very straightforward. Left a 4 inch scar as they wanted to take enough of the area around it too. Was back in work within two days of it being done.

Had to wait a couple of weeks for the results but because the doctor removing the mole was confident when he saw it that it probably wasn't dodgy, I guess thats why they didn't rush the results through - and he was right. It wasn't dodgy!

Please try to relax. The whole idea of catching moles in this stage is to prevent anything happening so really, this is a very positive thing and I'm confident you will be fine smile

sparkymummy Sat 02-Aug-08 19:33:34

I wish I could stop panicing, I can't think of anything else! I am a natural born worrier I think

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