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Short cycle, why would it switch?

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SoupKitchen Sat 02-Aug-08 07:04:11

I have always been a regular 28 day girl.

After the children I had a mirena coil put in for a year - outcome no periods for 3 years.

9 months after having the coil removed I still have a 19 day cycle.

Why would this happen? did anyone else experience a big cycle change after children?

Could I be pre menopausal? Am 36

damewashalot Sat 02-Aug-08 07:22:38

I had a 21 day cycle for years, had a mirena in between ds2 and ds3 then had a 28 day cycle, breast feeding ds4 atm so not having any, which I lovegrin. I'm 33. Not sure that helps you any but I think it's fairly normal for cycles to vary as you get older or have children.

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