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DS1's teeth

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whatdayisit Fri 01-Aug-08 19:50:14

DS1 (7) has the 2 teeth either side of the middle 2, at the top missing after the baby teeth fell out in the usual way.

One of the new teeth has started to appear, but on the other side, you can kind of see it under the gum, but there is no sign of a tooth erupting and the gum has turned black.

I have booked him in the see the dentist, but TBH, I'm not expecting good news. Dentist is away until end Aug, so it will be almost a month before we can see him. Do you think I need to find someone else to see more urgently, or is it likely that there is nothing that can be done/a few weeks won't make any difference?

Our dentist is lovely and very good with Dc's and I prefer to avoid taking him somewhere where his (ds's) experience might not be so good.

pinkyp Sat 02-Aug-08 10:55:15

perhaps take him to another dentist who will be able to tell u what it is, (but still keep the other appointment) and if any treatment needs doing straight away, if its something that can wait then go to your normal one for the treatment.

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