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You ^can^ take flucloxacillin and amoxicillin together can't you??

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FAQ Fri 01-Aug-08 18:59:53

Got a phonecall at 5.30pm from the doctors saying that DS2's 2nd ear swab had come back and he needed a different antibiotic. I'm 99.99% certain she said it was to be taken with the amoxicilin he's already been prescribed - but was in such a panic as to how to get it before the doctors and chemist closed that I'm not 100% certain.

NHS direct being neither use nor ornament, and I'm just getting 100000's of highly baffling scientific websites when I google it.

I don't want to overdose him on anything by giving them together, but OTOH I do want to make he's taking the right medication.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 01-Aug-08 19:03:45

Are there any late opening pharmacists you can ring? they'll know if its safe or not.

AvenaLife Fri 01-Aug-08 19:09:56

As far as I am aware you should not take these together as they interact with each other. I may be wrong though so I would give a pharmacist a call. There should be a late night one open near you, have a look in the local newspaper.

tink123 Fri 01-Aug-08 19:11:13

you can give them together to adults as regularly do, but not sure about kids. Ring local asda superstore pharmacy.

hairycaterpillar Fri 01-Aug-08 19:13:55

Yes you can take both together.

It might be the ear swab grew two different bugs and each needs a different antibiotic.

AvenaLife Fri 01-Aug-08 19:17:58

I'd phone and check.

wrinklytum Fri 01-Aug-08 19:21:32

They are both from the same "family" ie penicillin based.Seems a little odd to have px both together,are you sure it was not that she needed to swap from the amoxyl to the fluclox???

DontNeedAnything Fri 01-Aug-08 19:24:23

I agree with Wrinkly. I wouldn't see why you would take both as they are both penicillins.

I would find out if there is a late night pharmacy open and ring them.

It is the pharmacists that are the font of all knowledge on things like this.

AvenaLife Fri 01-Aug-08 19:29:06

BNF for children says no, they are both penicillin based and react together. You really should check with a qualified pharmacist though.

FAQ Fri 01-Aug-08 19:31:31

thanks everyone - trying to find out the number of a late night chemist - local Asda(s) don't see to have one...

AvenaLife Fri 01-Aug-08 19:35:05

Tesco's sometimes have a pharmacy, if all else fails there will be one at your local hospital. Phone the switchboard and they will put you through.

FAQ Fri 01-Aug-08 19:50:16

oh sod it - he'll just have to wait until we're in Great Yarmouth tomorrow and I can find a chemist there (or call one) - tried Boots late night ones, tried Tesco, tried my local hospital - and no-one is answering the phone!!!

Good job it's not an emergency lol

KatyMac Fri 01-Aug-08 19:51:29

Great Yarmouth Boots have a 24hr chemist

AvenaLife Fri 01-Aug-08 19:52:23

Keep phoning the hospital if you can be bothered. They don't pick the phone up where I am when they are busy. It's a 3 minute job for them to check. hmm

KatyMac Fri 01-Aug-08 19:52:52

Great Yarmouth

Gapton Hall Retail Park, Gapton Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 0LZ

01493 663314

FAQ Fri 01-Aug-08 19:53:32

I know - I've even tried their number! Going to take the number with me and try again tomorrow.

He couldn't have it tonight as by the time DP had rushed to the doctors and chemist to pick it up for me DS2 was about to eat his dinner, and he went to bed straight after he'd eaten and it's to be taken 1hr before food or on an empty stomach (haha - DS2 never stops eating).

KatyMac Fri 01-Aug-08 19:54:31

Where are you staying? I'll find a closer chemist

AvenaLife Fri 01-Aug-08 19:55:30

ds had scarlet fever a few weeks ago, he had penicillin for 10 days that needed to be taken 4 times a day at regular intervals, 1 hour before food or on an empty stomach. Meaning I was waking him up at 11pm and 5 am for medication. Nice!

FAQ Fri 01-Aug-08 19:59:34

Staying in Scratby - going to be walking from Great Yarmouth train station to catch the bus (Market Gate??) once we get off the train - so if there's one "enroute" so to speak that would be useful smile

fledtoscotland Fri 01-Aug-08 20:01:27

am not a paed nurse but it does seem strange taking two penecillins together. usually a bug is sensitive to one or other or you would need a different type of antibiotic.

could you not speak to your out of hours GP?

KatyMac Fri 01-Aug-08 20:01:45

There is a Boots in Market Gates (the bus stops are behind)

That's a fair walk btw

KatyMac Fri 01-Aug-08 20:02:11

Do you want a lift - what time is your train (& how many are you)

FAQ Fri 01-Aug-08 20:05:33

is there a Chemist in that Boots (and nappies - we're hoping to pick up 2 packs of nappies before getting the bus - one each for my 2 older DS's to carry lol).

Google maps reckons just over 1/2 miles - so we reckon (are hoping) about 20/25 minutes walk.........

KatyMac Fri 01-Aug-08 20:07:23


Erm it's hilly & lots of roads to cross

It's not far, unless it's really hot or raining

FAQ Fri 01-Aug-08 20:08:56

oh well - we'll cope - I think by the time I've done 5 trains, and ShellyLou 4 to get to GY a walk to the bus will be a walk in the park LOL

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