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Nasal lacrimal blocked duct?

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moosh Thu 10-Feb-05 13:55:14

Took ds2 too docs last night because he has gunky eyes. Doc said gunk was white so it wasn't an infection. I explained that he had a watery right eye from the time he was born (now 11months). The doc said that he has a blocked duct that many new borns get and it rectifies itself before they are 12 months old. If it doesn't they will need to be referred to the hospital to have the duct opened. I didn't want to probe too many questions yet as ds2 isn't quite 12 months, but has any of your children had this and what is the procedure for opening a blocked duct in the eye. I have to take him back when he is 12 months in two weeks as it looks likely that the right eye will still be watering. Any info would be great thanks.

morocco Sun 13-Feb-05 22:20:03

hi moosh
there's another thread further down called 'blocked tear duct - can it cause permanent damage' that has some useful info on it (the answer is no btw in case yu are panicking by now!!) - both kif and I have march babies with the same problem - how bizarre is that as it is supposed to be pretty rare to last til 12 months.
We're waiting it out still but ds2's eye gets pretty gunky sometimes and I think an op sooner or later is on the cards
how are you all?

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