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can someone please talk to me about Flow murmers ( heart)

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Bubbler Fri 01-Aug-08 12:57:35

Docs have picked up on a flow murmer in ds (13)
we are waiting for the hospital ecg appointment.
But ds is due to go on holiday , flying to spain. Probably before he gets his appointment.

can someone please talk me through this.. any info would be great!

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 01-Aug-08 13:28:53

Hi Bubbler - my dd has a significant heart problem so I know a bit about hearts smile

The basics are that a murmur is a noise made by the movement of blood through the heart - other than the usual lub-dub noise. It can be completely innocent - just an extra noise in a normal structured heart, or it can be caused by a hole or a leaky valve for example. Some children have murmurs that come and go when they are unwell. Lots of people also have murmurs caused by small holes or slight leaks that are left untreated because they cause no problems whatsoever. If ds has no symptoms it's probably an innocent murmur. How come they picked it up?

The flying should be no problem, usually only people who are very blue from their heart problems are unable to fly. We've just got back from Portugal; dd tolerates the flight really well and even persuaded me to let her go parasailing this year shock Despite having next to no stamina she has a bit of a 'need for speed' lol. Are you going to tell your travel insurers as he's waiting for a test?

Bubbler Fri 01-Aug-08 16:01:05

Thanks saggars

They picked it up as I took him to get checked as he had a virus weeks ago which led to a cough that he couldn't get rid of and also was getting rather breathless.
( I was thinking asthma!! LOL)
He has been very unlike himself and tired as well. where normally he is VERY sporty enjoying Judo ( at a high level), long distace running, diving, climbing and rugby! ( makes me tired just keeping up with him normally!).

He does have another appoinment at the doctors tomorrow as he said to go back if he keeps getting breathless. which he seems to be doing so, along with slightly blue tinted lips. So I will ask the doctor abut travel.. it's just nice to get another mums view on this.

Brilliant about the flying, I have told his dad who is taking him on holiday, so I am assuming that he is dealing with the insurance. ( I will chase him up on this).

I'm not worrying too much at the moment until I see what the results are, and crossing fingers that it is just a normal murmer.
Thanks for replying

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