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So the doctor says chicken pox, but I am not so sure, what do you think?

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ten10 Fri 01-Aug-08 10:22:57

Took my DS (18mths) to the doctor yesterday as he has raised a few red spots and blisters on his feet, legs, bottom, hands, arms and shoulders.

The doctors ummmed and ahhhed and said he thought it was Chicken Pox but a strange presentation of it because it usually starts on the chest, and DS doesn't have any spots on his chest.

When I got home I was chatting to a neighbour who said she thought it sounded/looked like Hand Foot and Mouth, (I know she has no medical experience but has three children who have all had both)

So I looked H, F and M up on the internet and it the spots seem to follow this except that he doesn't have any spots or ulcers in his mouth or even on his face.
So his symptoms are not exactly that either.

So what do you think, Chicken Pox or H,F and M?

ten10 Fri 01-Aug-08 10:32:05


It does sound like HFM, but wouldn't like to say so, bump

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