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Anyone had hip bursitis &/or snapping hip?

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milliways Wed 09-Feb-05 21:49:33

It's been nearly 16 years since I had an op to move muscles in hip & shave bones to reduce snapping. (Have had 4 hip ops for various probs). Over last few months have developed a trochanteric bursitis which steroids did not help. Have hosp appt in March & wondered what other treatments people have tried?

lapsedrunner Thu 10-Feb-05 15:23:22

I have a chronic trochanteric bursitis on my hip caused by running. Seen 2 different consultants with about a two year gap in between (pregnancy etc). First one was on NHS, gave me cortisone injection to no avail. Second was private (in Austria) had MRI to confirm bursitis and said as I had tried and failed with injections he would give me anti inflamatory pills! When I suggested it was related to gait he dismissed idea out of hand. Pills had no effect except to give me gastritis! Basically found very little sympathy or willingness to solve such a "trivial" injury (or that s how it comes accross). Annoying as every time I try to get back in to running it reoccurs.

milliways Thu 10-Feb-05 15:58:33

My GP has suggested a course of steroid injections directly into the bone!!!! But has to be done at hosp - hence appt. Doesn't sound nice but if it works...... Otherwise they may have a go at moving the muscle again + shaving the bit of bone it rubs on as this did work for some time but is drastic.

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