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Tired mummy voice, can't quite get over laryngitis

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mrsgboring Wed 30-Jul-08 20:33:45

Apologies, this all seems a bit involved when I type it out.

I had a bad bout of laryngitis where I lost my voice fully for 5 days, was very croaky for 2 weeks and now am almost fine but still have a tired voice and miss high notes when singing. It is about 3 weeks since I got my voice back and seemed essentially "over" the laryngitis, but still have a tired and dry throat at the end of the day.

The trouble is I can't rest my voice fully (at all really) because of reading and singing to DS. The thing I find hardest is reading in a sustained way for a long time. I try and avoid singing at the moment, which is hell for me, but reading is sacrosanct for me, and DS is demanding ever longer and more text heavy books. I fear my voice is not going to keep pace and I'm going to sound like Marge Simpson.

I'm a good singer and I thought I knew how to look after my voice. I did a PGCE and had no voice problems (other than having to teach with a chest infection which is what's left me with a tendency to laryngitis now sad).

So does anyone have any advice on how I can care for my throat and voice, and on not hurting my voice reading long stories? I want to be able to read as much and as long as DS asks for it.

Is it too soon to expect to be over laryngitis yet, or have I got a long term problem? And is there any danger I might damage my singing voice?


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