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Micronor mini pill - has anyone else encountered moodswings and depression?

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noonoo1 Wed 30-Jul-08 11:53:47

Having had my second baby three and a half months ago I have returned to taking the micronor mini pill. I had been on it for many years prior to having kids and also went back on it after having my first baby three and a half years ago. Whilst on it, I have always experienced a slight form of paranoia and moodswings which DH has had to endure for many years but I have noticed that since being back on it that I have turned into the wife from hell. I am trying to pick arguments at the slightest trivial thing, seem to be getting more angry with DD and husband and recently paranoid about him having an affair, when there is no evidence of it. I do wonder if it is the hormones from the pill interfering with post-pregnancy hormones, which someone said it was. Has anyone else suffered from moodswings with Micronor? Can't go on like this as I think divorce may be imminent!! Please help! sad

Dazy Wed 30-Jul-08 21:13:59

I had problems with anxiety & panics about a year after dc2. The GP said it was too late to be PND but I had started on cerazette mini pill about 6 months before & I was convinced that the pill was effecting me. I was still BF & my periods hadn't returned so I must have also had some baby related hormone thing going on. I don't see why PND has a year cut off if you're still BF, but anyway, I came off the cerazette (& on ADs) so I don't know which it was that got me better. But I know I wouldn't go on it again - back on the combined pill now.

COuld you try a different pill?

scorpio1 Wed 30-Jul-08 21:17:37

i got put o nthis pill because i was BF - i came off it 3 weeks later as it made me a different person - all sad and crying.

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