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Blocked nasal lacrimal duct?

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moosh Wed 09-Feb-05 18:40:25

Just a query, ds2 11.5 months and me have just returned from the docs because I thought he had conjunctivitis. I told the doc that his right eye has been watery since he was born and he is always rubbing it but it never looks inflammed. He explained that he has a blocked duct and showed me a website explaning what it is. Usually it rectifies itself by the time babies are 12months. Ds2 has 2 weeks to go till he is one and it looks like there is no chance of it rectifying itself. He said that he will have to be referred for the duct to be opened. I didn't think to ask because at the moment there is nothing to worry about yet. Has anybody exeperienced this and how do they open up the blocked duct in the eye of a small child. Thanks

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