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14 month old has a very bad cold

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katiepotatie Tue 29-Jul-08 21:53:07

what can I do for her, except calpol and olbas oil?

katiepotatie Tue 29-Jul-08 22:17:10

She has a high temp now too?

pinkpeanut Tue 29-Jul-08 22:23:28

Awww, bless her.

Have you got any ibuprofen for kids in the house? I find it helps a lot, especially with the high temp. \you shouldn't use medised in under 2's now, but I still do, but only when things are really bad.

Give plenty of fluids. Whe she is sleeping raise the head end of the cot (I usually use an argos catalogue or two!) to help the mucous drain.

You could try one of those Karvol plug in thingy's. I use a ultrasonic humidifier (just cost £20 from argos) and I get it out every time dd has a cold/ cough and it works a treat.

katiepotatie Tue 29-Jul-08 23:00:13

Thanks ,have raised the cot end (two argos catalogues grin), will get some ibroprufen tomorrow, DH is away so can't get out now. Have given her medised, so can't give her anything till midnight, she has been so restless all night, her wee thoat must be sore too, she sounds so bad sad

pinkpeanut Wed 30-Jul-08 19:47:53

How's your lo now? I hope she is beginning to feel better. Has her temp come down?

katiepotatie Wed 30-Jul-08 22:10:18

She is a bit better today thanks, sleeping better as she can breath thorough her nose again (had another rough night) Not eating though. Thanks for asking smile

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