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crying, feeling sick, shaky legs...not sure if dd is unhappy or unwell

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hatwoman Tue 29-Jul-08 21:34:13

dd is 8. quite a sensitive soul, cares a lot what other people think - often jealous of her more carefree sis as a result. On Friday she sat at the dinner table and then announced she felt sick, was virtually in tears, asked if she could go to bed, held her head over the loo for a while, lounged around for a bit with me on the bed. said she had shakey legs and was generally very weepy. she was fine all weekend and then tonight we have the same thing. one mouthful, then said she felt sick, again weepy. she said she didn;t know why she was crying - we had a long chat and went through lots of things that could upset her - I told her, and I do think she understood, that telling people what's upsetting you can make you feel better, also told her it didn;t matter if she'd made up the feeling sick, I wouldn't be cross. I really can;t put my finger on it. what I'd really like you all to say is "dd does this, perfectly normal" but so many other things are going through my mind, from bullying, to serious illness, to eating disorders....I know I'm getting carried away but I'm really quite worried. I just wish I knew. any ideas? or suggestions to deal with it? There have been big changes at home and more to come - their nanny has left and dh and I are now working at home and we will be moving in January - but have been talking about it for some time now. she says none of this is worrying her.

singyswife Tue 29-Jul-08 21:42:45

Could just be a hormone surge. I remember my dd (6 at the time) was getting pains in her chest so I took her to the gp thinking she had a chest infection and he told me that even at this age their breasts can be developing shock. I know it is not the same thing but just thought I would let you know that it is possible it is a hormone surge. Was she fine before dinner and did she eat lunch???

singyswife Tue 29-Jul-08 21:53:57


hatwoman Tue 29-Jul-08 23:18:49

sorry - I was off the computer most of the evening. I wondered that too. scarey isn't it?

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