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Hip Dysplasia

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nellieellie Tue 29-Jul-08 13:59:58

My DD (nearly 12mths) has just had a check with the HV who has told me to get her checked with GP for poss Hip Dysplasia. This is because she is not crawling and does not support her weight on her legs ("stand") when held up. She also has slightly asymmetrical creases on her hips. I have looked on the net but just wondered if anyone out there knows anything about this. I am so worried - the HV said it is unlikely it is HD but it is likely I will have to take her for an x ray or scan and I am in a bit of a state about it. Obviously I will have her checked.

busymum1 Tue 29-Jul-08 22:23:53

I had this as a child but is screened for more now know of quite a few children who have been sent for same reason but only one had a problem and was not serious. If worst comes to worse would involve small operation called salter osteotomy to reallign hips after that very rare to suffer problems but would be closely monitored will show what hips look like

babalon Wed 30-Jul-08 14:04:35

Try not to panic until your DD has had and x-ray my nephew was showing all the symptoms of DDH but after and x-ray it showed all was fine. I guess I was a little paranoid anyway because my DS2 has another lower limb condition.

Even if she does have DDH then there are different serverities and treatments. Check out if you want to know more but don't get too upset until you know whats what. It's good to hear that your HV is on the ball the earlier DDH gets picked up the better

Good luck

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