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Help this is doing my head in now.

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pandagirl03 Tue 29-Jul-08 11:26:06

Hello since i started AF i have felt unwell, but since sunday i have felt dizzy and sick, the sickness last's with me all day and is not nice. I dont want to go out anywere because im worried i am going to be sick. Any suggestions. sad

stripeytiger Tue 29-Jul-08 11:45:29

Sorry you're feeling so unwell. What is AF?

pandagirl03 Tue 29-Jul-08 12:01:53

AF = period.

Shitehawk Tue 29-Jul-08 12:04:08

Your period is probably incidental.

Maybe labyrinthitis, if you are very dizzy with it. Or possibly just a tummy bug.

Give it a day or two, if it's no better then see the GP.

greeneyedgirl Tue 29-Jul-08 14:27:34

Exactly the same situ with me, even down to the AF. I am off to the docs this pm as I have had enough of feeling like a dog's dinner!

pandagirl03 Tue 29-Jul-08 20:26:21

how did you get on at the doctors greeneyedgirl?? I went to docs this afternoon. They told me to do a pregnancy test, i have it was negative. They looked me over for everything only thing not tested was bloods. Cant find anything wrong. Said to have full rest for 2 days then if still feel the same go back. I just wanna feel better so fed up with this.

greeneyedgirl Fri 01-Aug-08 10:22:22

I had the same response, I am also not pregnant!! They did give me a small supply of anti-sickness tablets, but I am trying to only take them when I absoultely have to. Yesterday I felt pretty good, today I feel yucky again. Beginning to think it is all in my head lol!

I do have high anxiety levels and I am an emetephobe, so I am sure that is making me feel worse. How do you feel now?

pandagirl03 Fri 01-Aug-08 11:01:38

Hi greeney feeling terrible, i have now started having panic attacks. which is not good. rang doctors this morning but they said they cant see me until monday afternoon. Sat here in tears.

tots2ten Fri 01-Aug-08 11:06:56

phone them back and insist on a appointment, failing that thell them you will ring nhs direct this evening to get a out of hours appointment, usually works with our gp as they then have to pay for the oho service

pandagirl03 Fri 01-Aug-08 11:08:55

They just keep putting me thro to the bloody nurse. Its a joke. She was saying well what are you scared of. Then she said popping pills isn't the answer for panic attacks you will have to find a way to cope.

Flightputsonahat Fri 01-Aug-08 11:11:38

Ok one thing to try: dehydration.
it is really hot and if you are losing water through af too you might just be a bit low on fluids. That can make you feel very sick.

I had this for a month one summer, feeling nauseous with out being pregnant - got some phenergan which saw it off a little. Next month I got preggers for the first time and it was sooo similar smile

Think in retrospect I was prob stressed and dehydrated.

Flightputsonahat Fri 01-Aug-08 11:13:06

Also I think it's progesterone that makes you feel yucky and if you're not drinking much (as in pregnancy) it makes it much worse. I always feel a bit icky with period but drinking water does help, or ice lolly or joose or something.


greeneyedgirl Fri 01-Aug-08 12:16:05

That's interesting FPOAH, I am on a progesterone only pill, so maybe the dr is right about the nausea. I have been forcing myself to eat and drink, despite feeling every bite might make me throw up, lots of deep breaths and an iron will required.

Panda, the nurse is being an idiot, I suffer from anxiety (especially when I feel sick) and panic attacks are dreadful. I am on amitryptaline (a low dose), which does make it slightly better, but I have to constantly find ways to get myself through when I feel panicky, especially as it just makes the nausea worse.

I suggest Rescue Remedy, keep taking it every 10 mins or so, deep breathing, concentrating really hard on counting (just like in labour lol), does help distract when things are at their worst. Any type of distraction, like reading, watching a film, or even playing a computer game or something, anything to get the mind doing something else.

Also you could ask the nurse/dr if they could prescribe some anti-emetic tablets, just to get you over the rough patch, my dr was quite happy to do that.

Fingers crossed we'll feel better soon.

Flightputsonahat Fri 01-Aug-08 12:55:37

Yes I am emetophobic too smile

I found it hard to drink water during pregnancy but milkshake with ice cubes was good, for some reason!

greeneyedgirl Fri 01-Aug-08 14:03:01

When I was pregnant I lived on Ribena and flat lemonade with glucose powder added as I had sickness and diarrohea, bloody awful! Ended up in hospital for a week, to this day I don't know how I managed to survive. Feeling sick all the time now brings it back to me, not pleasant at all.

greeneyedgirl Sun 03-Aug-08 20:06:11

Feeling any better Panda?

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