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How long is it "ok" to stribute dd's temp to a cold that will go on its own eventually?

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MoreTeaPlease Tue 29-Jul-08 09:03:19

Hi there

Feeling lonely and worried- dp in another city...would appreciate your thoughts.

DD been ill since thursday night. High temp v bunged up nasty cough, complains of sore mouth mainly and has one mouth ulcer. Also sore eye, which looks bit swollen up or something (? congestion around it).

Mainly distressed by cough which sometimes causes her to gag and stops her (and me) sleeping.

Basically we spoke to a GP over the wkend who said parents sometimes had to use calpol for a week because a virus coould cause temps this long. Last night I (stupidly?) went to see one because got bit panicked as night apporoached . She gave me antibiotics because temp hasn't resolved and one ear maybe looked a bit red though she was genuinely unable to look in properly because dd went mad. I've asked her whether she has a sore ear- she's a v good talker- and she roundly denies it. Never seen her pulling at it etc, just rubbing her eye and mouth.

Don't want to giver he anti bs if not nec. esp as suspect would have to syringe it in while she tried to escape which is just vile and ?I am not capable of it

Wjat would you do? Pleae help

Gobbledigook Tue 29-Jul-08 09:06:03

Personally I would give the antibiotics.

However, ds3 had a horrible cough with a cold last week and his temp was up for about 4-5 days and we used Nurofen throughout that time.

If I was really bothered about giving AB I might wait one more day but since I am not, I'd give the AB.

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