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Look like shite, feel like shite - I am shite

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TheMadHouse Mon 28-Jul-08 22:42:10

I seem to have had months of reallyt bad health.

I have two DSs and suffered with nasty pregancys and births. Gall blader out at 20 weeks with DS1, hyper emysis with both, crash section at 38 weeks DS1 and emergency section with DS2 at 37 weeks. Ruptured scar with DS1.

I was anemic with both and suffered PND, which I have been treated for with CBT and am on an ongoing medication plan.

I have always suffered with insomnia, but this got worse with the boys, so am on a medication for that too.

I have the BRACA1 spelling mistake in my genes, which means a really high risk of breat and ovarian cancer.

I also have had a colonoscopy and gasgoscopy to try to fine cause of iron deficiency - proved all was fine

I had an absess under a tooth and ended up having the tooth removed 7 weeks again - it took me 3 weeks to get over it.

I had stage one of my profelatic surgery last monday (ovaries and tubes), my surgery went well and I felt fine came come Tuesday am. All was well till Thursday and then I came down with a nasty sore throat and temp of 40.3. GP out and I have a nasty vira troat infection. It is so sore (toncils removed when a child), ears hurt, head hurts, can not even drink without massive accute pain. Now DH has it and DS1.

I still feel really under the weather, usually eat well, although I am overweight and need to lose more. I have not eaten since Thursday and weigh the same.

Whay is wrong with me, what can I do to feel better and prepare for the next stage of my surgery.

One positive note is that I was fine under the surgery and was up and about fast and that I have no pain in my tummy at all smile

Sorry forthe essay

misi Mon 28-Jul-08 22:57:55

sounds like your immune system is knackered for a start. have the docs checked your kidney function? also get your thyroid system checked with a T4 AND TSH blood test. with all that you have gone through, I would say it is not just one thing causing this but the sum of many things.

I would suggest as I have to a few other mothers previously, that you get a full blood work up done if your doc is amenable or hasn't been done so far.

u+e's, LFT's, FBC, CPK, blood calcium, C-Reative protien, T4, TSH, rT3 (TSH is hard to convince some docs to do, but rT3 is even harder, ask for a full thyroid panel if they get stroppy!!) and a fasting lipid count.

how long ago did you give birth? have you had your Hb read recently?
as you are undergoing treatment/surgery, I will not say what other mothers have done to boost the immune system as you would need to cross reference any interactions with the drugs you are taking but if you want to, let us know any bllod results you have had and maybe I can suggest something?

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