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Mum's got arthritis in foot, should I get her a foot spa .....

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charleypops Wed 09-Feb-05 12:48:07

Can anyone recommend a good one for this condition and is there anything else I could get her which would be useful? She's really down in the dumps at the moment (recently came off HRT) and we've not really spoken for months (can't talk to her when she's like this...) so I'd like to try and cheer her up with something nice that I can post to her. She's 59.

Thanks x

Furball Wed 09-Feb-05 12:55:11

IMHO foot spas are a waste of time. It's such a cuffle to fill up and empty the blooming thing.
If you do get one, get one that can keep the water hot, otherwise it soon goes cold.

What about a course of treatment with a reflexologist? That might also make her feel good in herself afterwards.

Twiglett Wed 09-Feb-05 12:56:36

foot spas did nothing for DH either

although its a lovely idea

acupuncture can help sometimes

charleypops Wed 09-Feb-05 13:18:17

Good idea Furball, I've just found a reflexologist in her area through the arthritis care association and sent her an email. She's developed a bit of a phobia of people, so I think some human skin to skin contact like that should do her some good. I just hope it's not too expensive as dp will have to pay and he's not happy with her at the moment.

Twiglet, is this what your dh suffers from too? Has he found anything helpful?

Might also still get her a foot spa though if anyone can reccommend one...

boudicca Wed 09-Feb-05 13:21:58

I've got a parrafin wax bath that I use for softening my hands/feet/any bit I can fit in,I've heard they might be good for arthritis.

JJ Wed 09-Feb-05 13:24:42

My friend also had a paraffin wax bath for her arthritis and it helped immensely. She'd let me use it, too. It felt great!

This was when we were in high school and in the US, so I don't have a brand to recommend - sorry!

charleypops Wed 09-Feb-05 13:28:55

thanks for the paraffin bath idea - I'll go surf for them....

boudicca Wed 09-Feb-05 13:31:38

I got mine from Living TV, it was a really good price about £25 I think.If you want the phone no./order ref I could find it for you.

oatcake Wed 09-Feb-05 13:32:37

charleypops, as a reflexologist, I would be reticent about treating your mum, purely because the pain is in her foot!

I don't know much about arthritis apart from the fact it is painful and somebody massaging a tender area might not be appreciated.

Accupuncture would be a better bet.

boudicca Wed 09-Feb-05 13:35:07

Oops just realised it's from Ideal World not LivingTV, sorry

charleypops Wed 09-Feb-05 14:17:48

Thanks Boudicca - yes please, if you could find it that would be great! What make is it? Are you happy with it? If ideal World have run out I might be able to find it somewhere else.

Oatcake, that is a good point. The lady I emailed earlier has replied and whilst practising reflexology, she's actually a holistic therapist (MAR), advises on food groups, and works with "mental and emotional bodies" as well. Whilst I think all this is a good thing, I know that she won't be able to deal with my mum - there's far too much going on with her emotionally and has been ever since she was a child. This kind of situation would just upset her and set her back even more (if possible!). She refuses to address her problems. She's in denial that she's even depressed.

So I guess reflexology is out after all. Not sure about acupuncture - is this a holistic treatment too?

oatcake Wed 09-Feb-05 14:46:28

to my mind, accupuncture isn't totally holistic, but can be an effective form of pain relief.

boudicca Wed 09-Feb-05 14:49:55

Hiya Charleypops, here's the info :-
tel no.for order line 08700 700 800
product number 212506
price 29.90 + p&p 4.90 (sorry dearer than I said)
comes with three bags of wax too

It's called Total Style and it's made by Derann Productions
Their e-mail address is -

I got mine about three weeks ago, and love it.I've had it plugged in almost continuously, and used it almost every other day !
Hope you can get one as it seems to be a very good price.

charleypops Wed 09-Feb-05 15:07:16

Thanks Boudicca

I've sent an email to derann as I'd like to see the spec before I buy, but ideal world are having a foot care afternoon tomorrow, so I might be in luck there.

Oatcake, I'm going to look into acupuncture, I think that might be less "invasive" for my mum. thanks

gingerbear Wed 09-Feb-05 15:23:22

I came across a dietary supplement called cortaflex - it has worked miracles for DH who has a dodgy ankle.

Like Glucosamine but better.
Cortaflex website Cheapest to order from:
Kay Dumont in Guernsey

charleypops Wed 09-Feb-05 15:53:36

They look good Gingerbear - and Kay Dumont's are even cheaper than on ebay! How long did it take til they started working on your dh?

Twiglett Wed 09-Feb-05 18:28:41

Hi Charleypops

yes unfortunately DH was diagnosed with ankylosing spondilitis and psoriatic arthritis at 28 (he's now 35)

it is manageable with the right treatments

don't know what kind of arthritis your mother has .. DH's are an auto-immune disease rather than bone wearing (osteo-arthritis)

if you're in to alternative therapy glucosamine supplements are supposed to help support joints, and bromelain (extracted from pineapple)

DH has tried loads in the past 7 years, currently traditional medicine (really strong drugs) are working for him

charleypops Wed 09-Feb-05 18:54:47

Hi Twiglett

Poor dh - it's very painful sometimes isn't it I'm glad he's found something that helps. Don't know what type my mum has as we're not speaking to one another at the moment but I'm guessing rheumatoid but only because I think that's the more common one? I could be wrong.

gingerbear Wed 09-Feb-05 21:33:27

DH started feeling better after 2 weeks.

charleypops Fri 11-Feb-05 19:19:46

I've ordered her a wax bath and she'll have it on tuesday. Thanks for all your help. I'll find out more about acupuncture if she lets me know how she gets on with the bath.

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