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Any other hyperthyroids out there-how are you coping with this heat because i am not !

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fakeblonde Mon 28-Jul-08 21:03:51

2 showers a day and drinking lots of water, but if i go at more than 2 miles an hour the sweat is poring off me .I am getting through armpit spray like never before and its embarrassing because i really am getting concious of the fact that i am sweating so much at work Any tips please x

lostittoday Mon 28-Jul-08 23:45:50

I find what you say interesting because even though I am hypothyroid, not hyper I am not coping with the heat also.

I have read some material that says that being hypothyroid can cause you to have problems in dealing with heat.
I am feeling like shit actually and my symptoms seem worse with this hot weather.
I just cannot seem to cool down at all, and I am continually sweating and I feel so clammy.
Just wanted to tell you that I am having similar problems.

solo Mon 28-Jul-08 23:49:14

Oh! thank you ladies!!! You've just reminded me, I am over due my 6 monthly blood test for hyperthyroidism.

misi Tue 29-Jul-08 00:14:19

I'm hypothyroid and this heat gets me no end. hypo and hyper have many of the same symptoms so it is difficult to cope sometimes as we don't all conform to what the docs say.
fakeblonde, have you had your blood tested recently?
what anti rX pills are you on? sometimes you can do better by changing the type of anti rX and so get better control of the sypmtoms. most, I would say 99.9% of GP's do not understand thyroid problems at all, even my endocrinologist said I knew more about thyroid problems than he did, so never take what your GP says as fact, research yourself. keep a diary of what the day was like for you, eg, what time you got up, temperature during the day, what you ate, how you felt etc. sometimes a pattern emerges that you did not realise was there before and can then change what you do. certain foods will increase metabolism without you realising too. you will know to keep away from certain foods if your doc was on the ball and issued you with a dietary sheet? but others can have effects on your metabolism too and these could be different from person to person which is why a diary is a good idea to check what you are eating etc.
lostittoday, I am hypothyroidic and today has been horrendous, I have changed my shirt 3 times and I am going to sleep in the bath tonight I think!! whether over or under active, the anti rx or thyroxine pills will treat the symptoms efrfectively, but no pill can make up for the loss of quick metabolic adjustments that the body should make when the temp rises and falls outside. our bodies will always lag behind when outside forces change. there are many many books on thyroid control out there, looking across to my bookcase I can see at least 9 books on the thyroid (I do have a vast collection of medical books though) if you want, I will list a few tomorrow, let me know?

lostittoday Tue 29-Jul-08 22:53:58

Its horrible isn,t it I have been opening all of the windows at night and still I am too warm.
Sometimes it gets so bad that I am outside in the garden at 2.00am to cool down.
Thanks for the offer of books but I have far too many as well, I am obsessed with reading up on it.

misi Tue 29-Jul-08 23:08:15

I found another 5 last night!!
my two faves are thyroid power by richard and karliee shames and the thyroid solution by ridha arem. this second one has a section especially for women and is fascinating as it delves into the realms of the role of T3 (and rT3) which most other books do not. I would suggest though that you get a blood test done if not had one recently. it sounds to me that your TSH is not quite right. if you baulk at that idea, do a basal temperature test which I expect you know how to do with all the reading you have done. the basal temp test is actually more accurate than blood tests!!
there may be other things playing here too, what sort of age range are you if you don't mind me asking?

lostittoday Tue 29-Jul-08 23:54:37

yes I suspect that the onset of menopause may be aggravating things but not completley sure on that.
I am 37 almost 38.
I have had some terrible problems with dizzy spells at night not sleeping properly, muscle twinges, fatigue.
Something is not right atm and I am not sure if its just thyroid, menopause, or possibly both.
My tsh on my last check was 8.4 and t4 was 15.5.
Whoops don,t know about the basal temperature test but sounds very interesting have thought about getting a body thermometer though just to see if my temperature does shoot up when I get the hot feelings.

misi Wed 30-Jul-08 00:47:00

ah, theres your problem. tsh should be down towards 1.8 to 1, not up around 8.4!! at 8.4 your thyroid is vastly underactive still. I have to keep my TSH at arond 1 but average will be around 1.8 depending on which scale you use, over active is anything under 0.4 but under active can be anything from 2 to 10 it depends on the person, so someone with a TSH of 4 may be classed a snormal but someone else has a TSH of 3 and is under active if that makes sense? but at 8.4 you are defo not in control and no wonder you are hot hot hot. basal temp test is easy. you need a standard mercury thermomenter. take it to bed and shake it down before you go to sleep. in the morning place under your arm pit and lay still for 10 mins. record the temp. do this 3 days in a row on days 2,3 and 4 of your menstral cycle. (on other days it will not work) my guess is that your averaged out temp over the 3 days will be at least 1.5 to 2 degrees below normal at least. this is a clear indicator that you need more thyroxine.
I would suggest you go to your doc and ask to be referred to an endocrinologist, most GP's aint got a clue about thyroid probs, and then the endo bloke can test your female hormone levels too to check for menopause. this can be helped naturally if you want if it is a problem but get it checked first, especially the thyroid. all the symptoms you mention also indicate uncontrolled thyroid too. the muscle pains are a build up of CPK (creatinine phosphase potassium) a by product of energy usage in the muscle that under actives find hard to clear, my guess is that your CPK levels will be around 800-900, when normal will be about 140 for a woman
blood tests to have then
LFT's, U+E's, CPK, c-reactive protien, blood calcium, T4 (TFT4 if on thyroxine), TSH, and fasting lipids. then when with a endocrinologist, a full female hormone panel. should be a nice round 2 bottles of blood grin

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