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anyone here with arthritis/protusio acetabulai?

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frazzledfairy Mon 28-Jul-08 20:33:45

i found out about 5 months ago that i had arthritis in both hips, was fairly gutted as i am only 30 but had a really positive chat with physio who said if i maintained my fitness/diet etc it was quite possible i wouldn't need a hip replacement for ages, possibly not ever.

soooo... just got my head round having arthritis but today have been told that i actually have protusio acetabulai (protruding hips) which has caused the arthritis, apparently they prefer to operate on this sooner rather than later as it means a simpler operation, but this means i am likely to have both hips replaced in the next couple of years.

i feel so shit sad have concerns about how i will look after my little ones (ds1 is 7, ds2 23 months and dd 9 months), how we will manage financially if dh has to take time off work, even how i will get up the stairs in my house (old terrace, steep stairs!)

any advice/sympathy(feeling v sorry for meselfgrin) would be much appreciatedsmile

amazonianadventure Tue 29-Jul-08 18:34:59

can i ask how does this present? what symptoms do you have?

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