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has anyone had a prolapse? (uterine i think but not sure...)

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silvermum Mon 28-Jul-08 17:51:00

tmi alert with this one...
i had a dire labour exactly a year ago, involving lengthy pushing that didn't get me anywhere and several failed ventouse attempts.
for a few months afterwards i had a weird feeling "down below", bit like a tampon slightly falling out. blush
GP was fairly dismissive - suggested kegels which i duly did. over time it went away but all of a sudden it has come back with a vengeance, and i can actually see something slightly hanging out. (sorry, sorry, WAY too much information, i know...)
I'm guessing it is part of my uterus (?). It doesn't hurt but doesn't feel right. Ive made an appointment with a different GP - anyone experienced anything similar and got any advice? I feel really embarrassed and gutted that this has happened. the books seem to suggest prolapse happens to middle aged and older women who have had lots of children, not people like me -young (ish) with only one baby. sad

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KaySamuels Mon 28-Jul-08 17:53:30

Watching with interest over your shoulder as I suspect the same, I called nhs direct a while back and was made to feel like a silly fool (also youngish, one baby). I am sure I have but too blush to go to docs.

crokky Mon 28-Jul-08 18:07:14

Sometimes the uterus pushes the bladder such that the bladder is visible from the outside. I would ask the GP for a referral to a gynae specialist. (My mum had this after 4 kids).

silvermum Mon 28-Jul-08 18:46:26

yeah, not going to be fobbed off with pelvic floor exercises this time without hearing it from a consultant. situation clearly not improving but getting worse! KaySamuels, please go to docs...don't be too blush. from what i've read this problem is extremely common. GPs see far more embarrassing stuff. this is a consequence of childbirth....not our fault! nhs direct would never be any good in this situation - the GP will need to have a look. will let you know how i get on....

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cocolepew Mon 28-Jul-08 18:52:49

You can push it back up, but it might not stay up. I have a bladder prolaspe and at the end of August am going to have it fixed. It's only a day proceedure but it is supposed to be good. My pelvic floor is so bad I can't keep it up, no matter how much I clenchgrin. Go to your Drs ladies and ask for a referral, my back is constantly sore because of this.

KaySamuels Mon 28-Jul-08 18:53:09

I am feeling a bit pathetic atm anyway silvermum, have so much on my mind ran out of ADs about a week ago and have had neither the time nor the energy to physically traipse there and reorder a new prescript. blush

Will try and get booked in when kids back to school.

Turniphead1 Mon 28-Jul-08 18:55:30

Hi Silvermum - I have a prolapse in the vaginal wall (anterior - ie towards the front lol). Feels like what you describe. I am very angry your GP dismissed it and suggested pelvic floor exercises. COMPLETE NONSENSE!

Mine was diagnosed at my 6 week check for DC2 by my consultant. He said it does need surgery but he said if I planned anymore children no point doing it then. So we left it. At my GP 6 week check the nurse who was in the room immediately suggested pelvic floor and my GP jumped down her throat and corrected her.

So am pg. with DC.3 (will be my last) so afterwards will be getting it sorted and will get me my designer fanjo. Yay.

Basically, you need a referral to an OB/Gyn pronto. Don't be fobbed off

silvermum Mon 28-Jul-08 20:05:45

thanks turniphead. has it got worse during your third pregnancy, or is it pretty much the same as it was post DC2?
we're hoping for at least one more baby so i do understand if that means waiting to get it sorted but i would like a proper diagnosis sooner rather than later.
the GP i'm seeing this week is supposed to have a special interest in gynae so hopefully she'll be a bit more the idea of designer fanjo grin.
KaySamuels, poor you. i'll post after my consultation on thursday in case it's any help to you.

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GordonTheGopher Mon 28-Jul-08 20:14:48

Yep I've got that. I was referred to a gynae but he said basically there is not much point doing anything until I've had all my children, then it would be a simple operation. In the meantime it's pelvic floor muscles! Pilates is good for that btw.

loopylou6 Tue 29-Jul-08 09:14:02

i have that and mine happening during first trimester 2nd pregnancy and i was only 21 shock so dont worry about it supposedly only happening to older women smile

silvermum Tue 29-Jul-08 19:07:49

loopylou did they do anything about it or say you've got to sit it out until you've had all the children you're planning?

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Reesie Tue 29-Jul-08 21:54:11

I have a bladder and bowel prolapse following the birth of my first baby (quick labour and pushed out in 6 mins). I started noticing the prolapses a couple of weeks after the birth. My Gp told me to do kegals. However I was devestated about having this but luckily I work with lots of gynaecologists so I rang one up and he reviewed me and referred me to the 'pelvic floor' physio.

She was amazing - most large hospitals will have one. They also specialise in incontinence so are real experts in pelvic floors.

She examined me internally and assessed my pelvic floor (it was rubbish at this point - didn't move at all...) and gave me info about what to do. A kind of a personal pelvic floor fitness plan!! grin She also gave me some funny looking contraptions ro help me do them at home. Initially as my pelvic floor was so poor she did think about doing electrical stimulation to get the nerve endings moving again but by my next visit I could manage tiny squeezes.

Anyway I saw here for a few week and a year and a half later I am the kegal queen and have a pelvic floor of steel grin I can't really feel my prolapses anymore and I've just started back running and things seem ok. I don't think that I need surgery as they very rarely give me problems now. I'm sure that if I hadn't seen my lovely fab physio I wouldn't be doing so well.

KaySamuels Mon 04-Aug-08 09:22:06

Well I went to the docs on Friday, I have a front and back prolapse and am being referred to a gynae. GP's field is gynaecology and she immediately started discussing surgery with me.

Relieve I went and had my concerns confirmed, would recommend anyone else do the same.

girlnextdoor Mon 04-Aug-08 12:09:10

silvermum- hello again!

yes, had it and had the op- 17 years ago now.

Saw my GP and 3 gynaes before gynae no. 3 agreed with me and said he'sdoperate- it was privately, so it was all quite quick.

I had a slightly bulging bladder wall and uterus had slipped a bit.

I was 35, had 2 DCs- normal births but 1st one very fast - under 3 hours- and I am tiny.

I had physio before the op including electrodes to try to improve pelvic floor, but no real difference.

ask away if you need any more info.

silvermum Mon 04-Aug-08 16:48:13

well i went to the GP on friday and she did take my concerns seriously and had a good look. However, she doesn't think in my case it is prolapse. She diagnosed some "swelling" and thinks i had/have thrush; and that it could all be linked to a recent miscarriage i had (about three weeks ago now.)
i'm not entirely convinced but i do trust that she couldn't see anything obvious and am reassured that my lady bits appear normal at least to a GP who sees an awful lot of them, so for now i'm going to take what she prescribed for the swelling/thrush and see what happens. i can always push to see a consultant later if it doesn't go away. thanks for the advice and KaySamuels, i'm so pleased you finally saw the doctor and are getting it sorted. well done you! it's not fun but better to have it fixed than suffer in silence, and great that they could see what was wrong so easily.

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zebra34ff Thu 28-Aug-08 00:05:20

Reesie-so great to read your message; has given me hope. Pretty sure I may have prolapse but not had it checked out by G.P yet. I work in hospital and have made appt with physio (have to wait 6 wks since giving birth.) Thought of op not nice but know I cant carry on feeling so "bulgy" and uncomfortable. So lets just hope I get a physio as good as yours!!

solo Thu 28-Aug-08 00:21:51

That's what I have too, but I copped out of the op and am trying the Cleo Q. If it doesn't work, I'll rethink. I haven't used it much due to school holidays, but will try to do it religeously when Ds goes back next week. There's another thread about this kind of thing...General health : Spincter injury, fistula - support eachother?
no idea how to link, but it's worth a read.

TomandPhoebesMum Tue 16-Sep-08 20:11:08

Hi All I have been reading all your posts and taken lots of comfort in the fact that i'm not the only one going through this.
I had my second baby two and a half weeks ago, a natural birth, baby delivered in 4 pushes. I thought i'd been really lucky, 2nd delivery with no stitches, so i just rested for a week aand a half and then got on with things. Long walks, lifting buggies and a 22 month toddler and two weeks after the birth i felt a bulging and thought something was seriously wrong! I went back to the maternity unit to be told its probabaly a anterior prolapse and its unsual in someone so young. I'm 31. I went to the GP on monday and saw a female GP who was really unsympathetic, she said what did i expect i've just had a baby! Well i certainly didn't expect this! She said i need to do 400 pelvic floor exercises a day and has referred me to physio.
I asked about whether i'd ever be abale to haave sex again and she said, for goodness sake can't you just have a cuddle!
I have bladder and bowel control, but when i do the exercises and feel 'down below' I can't feel any movement.
I'm using my TENS machine to stimulate the pelvic floor and seen my homeopath who has given me some remedies.
But I feel totally crap, I have a gorgeous new baby girl who sleeps and feeds beautifully and a 22 month old son who is full of beans and I can't play with him.
I feel so cheated, no-one i know has had this and i'm so worried.
Please can someone tell me how long this will take to get better?
Will I ever have sex again?
How on earth can I have any more children? Sorry to rant but i really do feel awful.

Kaydavs Tue 15-Oct-19 03:38:50

I know this is a super super old post but how are you now?? I have an identical story to yours, second baby, fast birth, now can't play with the toddler and feel like my life is over. Please let me know how things turned out!

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