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how much can i expect to pay for braces?

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mum2samandalex Sun 27-Jul-08 23:11:18

i had them when i was a teenager but my teeth have moved again. It would only be for the top teeth.

Madlentileater Sun 27-Jul-08 23:14:17

I know that for kids, they have a formula, and if the result exceeds a certain figure, they are treated free. i imagine private it would be very expensive. 1000s i should think.

princessglitter Sun 27-Jul-08 23:24:35

I paid £2000 for both top and bottom teeth. Paid in instalments over 2 years. Result well worth it. I am constantly doing this grin

TheBlonde Mon 28-Jul-08 07:38:50

I think I paid around 3.5K about 5 years ago
That was for top and bottom

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