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can you get glandular fever twice

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FluffyMummy123 Sun 27-Jul-08 20:51:48

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sun 27-Jul-08 21:26:09

Message withdrawn

Ledodgy Sun 27-Jul-08 21:27:23

You can relapse if you do too much. My glands used to come up and I would get very run down easily for about 2 years afterwards.

lucyellensmum Sun 27-Jul-08 21:33:20

once you have glandular fever, the virus is often present in your body for the rest of your life. So if you become run down, it could, in theory, re-occur.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 27-Jul-08 21:50:07

Message withdrawn

tortoiseSHELL Sun 27-Jul-08 21:50:43

I think it does take a while, and can recur at any time - so take it easy!

tortoiseSHELL Sun 27-Jul-08 21:51:36

PS - have you seen my thread about dd's birthday present - I have ordered her this (big top, baby elephants, clown, and band comes free) and am stupidly excited - I seem to remember you are a playmobil fan too?

FluffyMummy123 Sun 27-Jul-08 21:52:45

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sun 27-Jul-08 21:53:04

Message withdrawn

tortoiseSHELL Sun 27-Jul-08 21:53:53

I liked the hospital too, but the circus is new, and dd wants to be a clown hmm

Am thinking our many playmobil pirates can go to watch the show......

FluffyMummy123 Sun 27-Jul-08 21:57:38

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sun 27-Jul-08 21:58:38

Message withdrawn

lucyellensmum Sun 27-Jul-08 22:31:14

i don't really get the playmobil thing tbh - what is so special about it


Ledodgy Mon 28-Jul-08 09:59:22

I'm not sure where I got it from too. Given the incubation period I was in Corfu at the time and did kiss a dodgy Italian bloke but then also ate at a dodgy cafe which the airport paid for after our flights were delayed so it could have been dirty knives and forks. Then again it is nicknamed the kissing disease...

VinegarTits Mon 28-Jul-08 10:03:41

Oh i hope you cant get it twice, ds2 had it when he was 18 mths old and ended up in hospital for a week, would hate it to return when he is just getting his strength back 6 months on sad

corblimeymadam Mon 28-Jul-08 10:06:02

Message withdrawn

Celery Mon 28-Jul-08 10:34:49

I had Glandular Fever in February, although it wasn't diagnosed until three months later. After the initial illness ( which I didn't realise I had at the time, just thought it was a fluey thing ) I felt wiped out, run down and had recurring symptoms for a good four months afterwards. Rest, healthy diet and tonnes of vitimin supplements, and I've felt pretty normal for a couple of months now, but if I overdo it, I feel crap again ( fatigue, flu like symptoms, depression, insomnia ), so I am taking it easy, and slow down when I feel I need to. I have been exercising though, just listening to my body. The post-viral side of it can go on for a very long time, and I've read some people never get rid of it, and it becomes chronic fatigue. Evil GF!

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