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Arachnophobia in 7 yr old becoming a real problem!

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teslagirl Sun 27-Jul-08 20:24:59

Just got back from an otherwise great camping trip but DS2 had 2 'incidents' involving spiders. I'm not happy with bigger spiders but I've done my utmost not to pass any fears I have onto him, and hell, DH is an entomologist! But DS2 actually became hysterical when a 1/2 to 3/4" across stripy spider dropped onto the back of his shoulder from a tree yesterday, then today got to the point where he was jigging from foot to foot, terrified he might spy a spider on the forest floor, lots of 'can we go now?' when a small spider ventured onto our picnic rug. Serious anxiety. Then, back at home, he's peering nervously into every corner in case there are any of those spindly legged 'house' spiders around. He's lived at least tolerably with them for years but it's all becoming an issue.

Any suggestions?

Stupid thing is, he's AUSTRALIAN tho we live in the UK! What WILL he make of 4" across Huntsmen spiders back home on his bedroom wall??!

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