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Tips for getting medicine down dd almost 2 years

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MoreTeaPlease Sun 27-Jul-08 19:08:04

Feeling bit miserable and exhausted. DD has been ill since thursday with a virus. Really high temp, nasty cough, totally bunged up.

Poor little one can't sleep- beside herself with exhaustion but wakes up spluttering after 30-45 mins. Can't eat, we're just doing our best to keep fluids going in.

To top this off, she usually takes calpol fine but has begun refusing, It and calprofen are the only things that seem to make her feel an better. But Dp has had to syringe them into her which she absolutely hates. Of course we give her many opportunities every time it is due to take it from a spoon. Transiently she would do so if offered chocolate buttons afterwards but not any more.

Its so horrible to see her suffering and to feel like we are betraying her by putting her through the syringe thing. Just wondered of anyone has any brilliant techniques.

Thanks. sad

girliefriend Sun 27-Jul-08 21:06:49

umm no but in my experience when my dd started refusing the calpol it was because she was feeling very sick, once felt compleatly guilt ridden as literally forced calpol on my dd who really didn't want it and then she spent the next 30 mins throwing it back up! Bless her, you have my sympathies maybe just offer small amount at a time, other wise it sounds like you are doing your best! Hope she feels better soon XxX

olivo Sun 27-Jul-08 22:50:23

we have just had the same problem with same age dd - she had 2 weeks of 2 different antibiotics. In the end, we mixed the dose with a small amount of fruit smoothie which she is only ever allowed as a treat, and she drank it through a straw from a 'big girl's cup'. we made a big fuss at how clever she was and managed to get away with it - good luck, i know how hard it is!

ExterminAitch Sun 27-Jul-08 22:53:21

dd much prefers the sachets of calpol as she's in charge, you could try that. she doesn't like using a normal syringe but finds the ones that you get free with nurofen tremendously exciting for some reason and we have given her antibiotics with that. prior to this discovery, she point blank refused to touch them.

hester Sun 27-Jul-08 22:56:06

dd (2.9) just got through a course of antibiotics by stirring them into Thomas the Tank Engine yogurts. She thought all her christmases had come at once. Not that I would normally give her that many sugary bright pink yogurts - oh dear me, no, missus! - but I reckon you need the taste of chemicals to mask the taste of chemicals.

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