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Can tonsilitus be contagious?

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sophierosie Sun 27-Jul-08 11:20:43

Have friend coming over today with dc with low immunity - other friend coming has tonsilitis - is there any risk of dc catching anything?

emma1977 Sun 27-Jul-08 11:51:50

Yes. Its as infectious as a cold.

ScottishMummy Sun 27-Jul-08 12:02:09

yep tonsillitis is contagious.wouldn't have immuno-suppressed child and friend together, just to be sure

if they are together dont share cups/utensils

girlnextdoor Sun 27-Jul-08 13:20:05

Is it a throat infection or REAL tonsillitis?

I have had the real thing dozens of times and I felt too ill to get out of bed- raging temp and aches and pains and agonising sore throat- I think people say "tonsillitis" when you mean "sore throat" unless they have been to drs and got diagnosis/anti-biotics.

anyway- both infectious and your friend should keep herself to herself til she is better.

sophierosie Sun 27-Jul-08 18:43:44

Friend stayed away! Didn't want to risk it anyway!

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