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Ear infection with ruptured eardrum - when should it start getting better?

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Millarkie Sun 27-Jul-08 10:20:36

Ds has had pus coming out of his ear since Wednesday. He's been on antibiotics since Weds pm but the ear is still oozing. Should it be getting better by now?
He's meant to be having a trip to the grandparent's for a few days and we don't want to send him if he needs another type of antibiotic but he really wants to go.

emma1977 Sun 27-Jul-08 11:55:50

The ear may ooze for a little while until all the infection is cleared and the drum starts to close over (which can take a week to a few months). If he is well in himself (not feverish or in pain), then the infection is probably on its way out.

He should probably be reviewed by a GP on Tuesday/Wednesday to make sure the canal is clearing and to assess the drum again. If he is with his grandparents and can't get back to see your family GP, then register him as a temporary patient with his grandparent's GP and get him seen.

Millarkie Sun 27-Jul-08 12:57:01

Thanks Emma, you've helped put my mind at rest. I thought the oozing might go on for a while. He's absolutely fine in himself (he has chronic glue ear but never complains of pain - this is first time his ear drum has ruptured though).
He's off to GPs with instructions to return him mid-week or take them to their GP if he gets worse.

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