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Surgery to correct reflux - anyone's LO had this?

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Jen1978 Sat 26-Jul-08 21:49:48

DS1 is nearly 15 months and has been on domperidone, omepraozole and gaviscon for silent reflux since 8 months. We are supposed to be trying him off the meds at the moment, but everytime we even so much as reduce the dose, miss a dose (especially omeprazole) his symtoms return (cyring out at night, light sleeping, gagging noises, excessive swollowing etc). I am beginning to think he will end up having surgery to correct his weak muscle. Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone know how long he can stay on the meds? Also a GP said recently that these drugs reduce the absorption of iron, i am worried he will end up aneamic, is this right?
Any advice gratefully receieved.

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