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This is Hand Foot and Mouth, isn't it?

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talilac Fri 25-Jul-08 12:45:59

DD1, 2, been rundown lately as her little sister is teething and keeping her up at night.

She developed a terrible rash on her bum, and also a very sore tongue. Took her to the walk in (GP too busy!) they diagnosed thrush on the bottom and unconnected mouth ulcers.

She's had no appetite, been irritable, sleeping badly, very slight temperature.

I noticed a blister on her heel a few days ago, figured it was from wearing shoes with no socks in the heat.

Now she's got a tiny blister on the back of her hand and a red rash on the sole of her foot.

What do you reckon? And do I need to take her to the GP?

andiem Fri 25-Jul-08 12:47:30

sounds like it yes info here

frisbyrat Fri 25-Jul-08 12:48:26

Shine a torch on roof of mouth - might see lots of little pinpricks. Dd had this once, caught from nursery.

frisbyrat Fri 25-Jul-08 12:50:01

Nothing to worry about, I don't think, bt contagious (I caught it off dd, and felt rough - my spots actually hurt), so keep handwashing. Best of luck!

talilac Fri 25-Jul-08 12:55:20

Oh bloody hell, DD2! I hadn't even thought about that. She's sure to have caught it by now.

And there go our weekend plans (spending time with friends with children.)


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