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So. How do you do pelvic floor exercises....

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AvenaLife Fri 25-Jul-08 00:05:57

apparantly I've not been doing them correctly so I though't I'd ask before I have to go and see the nurse. It's squeeze, hold for 5 and release slowly right?

UnderRated Fri 25-Jul-08 00:13:18

Isn't it meant to be like inhaling a cigarette up your fanjo?

AvenaLife Fri 25-Jul-08 00:15:59

Lol! I've no idea. There's so many ways I'm not sure which one works and which one doesn't. The one I've been doing doesn't work by the way.

UnderRated Fri 25-Jul-08 00:19:03

I don't think the way I have done them works either. Um, have you googled?

AvenaLife Fri 25-Jul-08 00:21:34

Yes, there's soo many different ways to do them. I thought I'd find one that works on here. smile

UnderRated Fri 25-Jul-08 00:29:26

Good luck - I'll lurk grin

<I am now sitting here trying out different ways of doing them>

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