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bleeding in between periods.

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MaeBee Thu 24-Jul-08 20:45:21

i have always had regular periods. im 34 and had a baby nearly 2 yrs ago. got my period back last year and my period went from a 33 day cycle to a 28 one.
so im now on a 28 one. 2 months ago it came as usual and then about 5 days after it stopped i bled for a day, fairly lightly. the same has happened again this time.
is it anything to worry about?!
im sexually active with more than one person (i have an open relationship with my childs partner). i haven't had a smear for a while but have booked one for next thurs. i haven't had a visit to the STD clinic either for a few years, but am hoping i can get the STD checks done at the same time as my smear. i find it all incredibly painful and usually bleed from it.
but wanted to know if anyone had anything to set my mind at rest whilst i wait the 6 weeks or whatever it is for the results!!

lilolilmanchester Thu 24-Jul-08 21:48:14

MaeBee, I have had some experience of bleeding between periods but only over the past few years and I am mid 40s. You're doing the right thing by having a smear, and STD checks, because only then can doctors can truly set your mind at rest. I've had a smear and all OK with me, so mid-cycle bleeding not always bad. I tend to get spotting at the same time every month, so it has become part of my normal cycle, and I don't bleed after sex. Good luck!

asteamedpoater Thu 24-Jul-08 22:32:34

One benign reason for bleeding between periods could be a cervical erosion (I think it's also called a cervical ectropion???). It isn't actually an erosion, but an overgrowth of the more sensitive cells from the cervical canal onto the surface of the cervix. These cells bleed more easily than the ones normally found on the surface of the cervix and can cause bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex and bleeding after a smear test - or no symptoms at all. The doctor can normally tell you at the time of your smear if it looks like you've got an erosion/ectropion, as they can normally be seen with the naked eye, but don't look alarming in the way a cancerous growth or infection would look. Hopefully a smear test would then confirm it is benign. If they start causing problems (eg bleeding when you don't want them to), you can have them cauterized, I think. Obviously, there are many other causes of bleeding between periods, so a thorough check is always a very good idea!

MaeBee Fri 25-Jul-08 09:12:39

thanks both of you!
i think realistically it will be a worry until i have some results back, but i'll try andkeep it in perspective!

lilolilmanchester Fri 25-Jul-08 19:11:57

Please let us know how you get on, good luck!

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