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Could this be slapped cheek?

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Thefearlessfreak Thu 24-Jul-08 19:49:27

My ds has has red blotches on his face off and on for about a week (comes & goes). He's been a bit clingy/moody & has been coughing a lot. Has seemed tired in the mornings when he never normally is. No temperature. This morning he looked fine but this evening one cheek has a few big red blotches ( a bit raised and look really angry)

I am worried as I'm pregnant (early days)...I've felt very rough for a couple of days now; tired, achy and headaches. I thought it was just exhaustion but now am worried I've got symptoms? Just wondered if anyone had experience to share please!

Hannah81 Thu 24-Jul-08 19:51:28

ring nhs direct 0845 4647 they can give you the correct advice

bojangles Thu 24-Jul-08 20:09:49


My DD had slapped cheek earlier this year when I was around 6 weeks. Her face came up very red literally as though she had been slapped and a few days later she had a mottled rash on her arms and legs - a bit like corned beef. She was ok in herself just a bit tired and grumpy. DS didn't show signs of any rash but he was very tired and very grumpy.

My MW took some blood samples but essentially said there was nothing I could do at such an early stage in any event and I was most likley immune. I kept my DC's away from my sister for a few weeeks who was around 15 wks at the time and a slighly hysterical pregnant woman at work insisted on not being at work when I was there 'just in case'.

Turned out I was immune. When I took DD to the dr she had barely got through the door when the Dr said it was a classic case of slapped cheek.

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