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Changing from lactulose and senna to movicol paediatric.

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magso Thu 24-Jul-08 17:01:52

My son (Sn age 8) has been on lactulose and senna for 5 years. It took us a long time to get him regular (he had a very serious problem) but things have been going smoothly for the last year. Ds has come under a new consultant who (concerned over the longterm teeth problems of senna and lactulose) has changed him to movicol. I too have been fretting about his teeth he has 2 fillings already! (The previous consultant did not feel it could harm his teeth)
We are up to 4 sachets a day( the max) and ds has struggled to use the loo, and only managed twice in 7 days and I am worried! Would you use senna every couple of days until he gets used to the new meds? Anyone any experience of changing over? (Ds has SLD/ASD)

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