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Gas permeable hard lens wearers - how often do you get new ones ?

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MaryAnnSingleton Thu 24-Jul-08 13:18:14

providing your prescription is ok, do you feel pressured into changing them every year or 18 months ? I can remember my first ever pair lasting me for years, and my last pair were certainly 4 yrs old at least.

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 24-Jul-08 13:56:42


chipmonkey Thu 24-Jul-08 14:10:38

MAS, I am an optometrist and I find that some of the newer, more oxygen-permeable lenses, scratch more easily than the older brands. Could this be why? If the lenses appear to be in good condition, I don't pressurise someone into getting new ones. Mind you. RGP wearers are few and far between these days!

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 24-Jul-08 14:24:30

yes, I realise I'm a rarity - I like them though ! Mine are in good nick so far, had my lens check up yesterday..but yes, I can see they'd get scratched easily with all the manhandling.

catinthehat Thu 24-Jul-08 14:25:51

Chipmonkey -
so what is the modern astigmatic lens wearer using nowadays? I've worn my GPs for years, so why are we so thin on the ground now?

Yorky Thu 24-Jul-08 14:41:14

I have worn RGPs since I was 15, and am currently with boots, for £12 a month I get a new pair each year and as many eye tests/after care as I can fit into a year. The optician generally says something like keep your old ones for spare though so prescription can't be changing that much, and they can't be in too bad shape

chipmonkey Thu 24-Jul-08 23:50:19

I find a lot of patients, particularly women, lose tolerance to their RGPs. They go from being able to wear them all day without a hitch to constantly being aware of the things. People with low-to-medium astigmatism can use monthly disposables, there is still very little choice for people with high astigmatism, it's still a compromise between comfort and vision, unfortunately.

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 25-Jul-08 08:41:24

hope I can keep wearing them , have had them since I was 17 and am now very old...they are seldom uncomfortable -only if I'm really,really tired.

chipmonkey Fri 25-Jul-08 12:44:27

I do have some patients in their 60's still going strong with them!smile

iloverosycheeks Fri 25-Jul-08 12:52:33

another GP wearer - I am on scheme to get new pair every two yearsnow but ahve previously worn a pair for much longer.
I have asked about soft lenses but always told I am better off with GP's

chipmonkey Fri 25-Jul-08 15:25:22

If you are happy and comfortable with your GP's and your optom is happy with your eye health, then there is usually no benefit in changing to soft.

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 25-Jul-08 17:58:50

thanks chipmonkey - that is reassuring !

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