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Mirena coil......can you tell me how bad it made you feel?

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pinkpeanut Thu 24-Jul-08 11:50:47

I had a mirena last september. It's never really stopped my periods but ever since I have been sooooooo tired. My sex drive is no existent and every now and again I get a "dragging" feeling down below.
I also feel bloated and a bit down in the dumps about the whole thing.

Just wondering how many other people have had bad experiences with the coil and what they were?

I'm only 29, and although I have 2 kids and dont want anymore, something is telling me I shouldn't be sterilised.

missmollymoo Thu 24-Jul-08 22:02:16

I had the mirena fitted last november following the birth of my 2nd. (i'm 38). I felt absolutely awful for 3 months, same symptoms as you and then, one evening in february i was showering and it came out!!! I took that as a sign and never had another!! I'm on the pill for now while hubby waits for his vasectomy!

Good luck

ShePeeTeePee Thu 24-Jul-08 23:01:17

Extreme tiredness and bloating here too. Mood swings were the worst - quite unmanageable anxiety, violent rages and unstoppable crying. Not nice. Felt better very quickly after it was removed though.

If they are still in the archives a search on here will bring lots of anectdotal evidence that it just doesn't suit some people.

pinkpeanut Fri 25-Jul-08 10:01:23

Thanks for replying. I'm going to have a look on the archives now. I think I've pretty much decided to have it removed now.

It's so awful, ds is on his school holidays and I'm just so tired which is really unlike me.

lucykate Fri 25-Jul-08 10:11:58

i've had mine for 3 years, no problems at all tbh

mosschops30 Fri 25-Jul-08 10:14:50

Ive had mine for 3 years and I love it. Never had any problems, no periods (yay), just some occaisional spotting about every 3 months.
Sometimes its feels like its buzzing and I wonder if Im receiving the satallite signals grin but thats it

ShePeeTeePee Fri 25-Jul-08 11:27:13

Oh that's made me giggle. But they are plastic aren't they? Did the nice lady from social services put an electronic tracking device in yours do you think?

herbietea Fri 25-Jul-08 11:30:08

Message withdrawn

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