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Brushing teeth on a 13 mth old

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penona Thu 24-Jul-08 11:32:54

My DD now has 4 little teeth, just in the last few weeks, so thought we had better start brushing them. I am doing it in the bath (as she is so happy in there) but then of course she has her night time bottle soon afterwards. But I can't brush her teeth AFTER the bottle as she is all nice and calm and relaxed then and ready for bed, so taking her back into the bright bathroom and sticking a minty toothbrush in her mouth.... well its's hardly conducive to sleep is it?!

Just wondering what other mums do about this. She is a twin, although DS doesn't have any teeth yet, so need to set some sort of routine in place for them both!

And when do they drop the night time bottle anyway?

clayre Thu 24-Jul-08 11:37:59

i brushed my dc in the bath when they were still having a night time bottle, same reasons as you, having them all nice and calm and sleepy i didnt want to take them back into the bathroom and try and brush their teeth.

We dropped the bedtime bottle when we ran out of formula milk close to their 1st birthdays they were both about 2 weeks from their 1st birthdays, i think if the bottle still works for you theres no need to change, i just hated washing bottles couldnt wait to see the back of them!!

hiccymapops Thu 24-Jul-08 11:40:15

I've always brushed my little boys teeth just before his bath, and then he's had a breastfeed before bed. I don't think you have to worry about milk too much (i hope!)

I can't help with the night time bottle i'm afraid, i'm still struggling to get my little monster out of his before bed breastfeed and he's nearly two. I don't think there's a set age, just when you think they're ready i suppose.

FeelingDeviant Thu 24-Jul-08 11:44:00

Do the same as you for same reasons.
At this age, I see teeth brushing as more of a habit I want her to get into than anything else (my 13month old DD only has 4 teeth too).
Also, dentist advised that toothpaste wasn't necessary, but we still use it as part of the habit thing too

archibaldandlily Mon 28-Jul-08 19:39:56

I brush my 14 month ds teeth before he has a beaker of milk at bedtime, but i've been concerned about whether to use a natural toothpaste that doesn't have chemicals, artificial sweetners or fluoride in it or the regular kind. I usually use natural stuff, but a mum told me her friend's child's teeth rotted cos she used the natural stuff so I'm really interested that your dentist said don't bother with the toothpaste , that solves my problem, did he say when to start using it?

loonychick Mon 28-Jul-08 19:49:43

My husband is a dentist. We brush our boys teeth in the bath (age 4 & 1) then they have milk at bedtime. Of course we don't get them up to brush again. Milk is fine to have after brushing - the best thing in fact. Anything sugary is a bad idea and you would have to re-brush but not with milk.
You should use a flouride based kids tooth paste, just a small blob.

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