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My 'bits' dont look right 6 weeks after giving birth

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laura325630 Wed 23-Jul-08 21:48:41

Hi, bit of an odd one but I noticed yesterday that my 'bits' are sore when I pee and wipe. Whilst cleaning myself in the shower just now I noticed that I am swollen so had a look with a mirror. It really doesnt look right and is very swollen and looks like they might have stitched me wrong. I had a student midwife but the head midwife watched and doubled checked.

I did start my first period yesterday so Im wondering if it is because of that as I hadnt had any problems before. I havent had sex yet.

I have my 6-10 week check next week. Do you think its worth getting checked before then? Has anyone else had this?


Spoo Wed 23-Jul-08 21:55:01

I think it never really goes back to the way it was before kids. I was VERY sore for a good few months after my first - had episiotomy. I was sure that I was stitched up wrong but I wasn't I just needed more time to recover. Worth asking to be checked at your 6 week check. If they refuse - insist!! You need peice of mind.

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