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Chickenpox in newborns - advice please.

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RUMPEL Wed 23-Jul-08 21:45:15

My DD has just been diagnosed with chickenpox. She started with a rash at the side of her mouyth about 2 weeks ago _ I thought it waas dummy/heat rash but it has now spread to her cheeks and torso. Dr diagnoseed it today. My newbie is only 8 days old. I am bf and ff him and have had chickenpox in childhood. I am really worried about him getting it now and what to do of he does. Dr siad there is nothing they can do about it. I know to keep him cool with tepid bath etc but anyone got any experience or advice for me? Can I give him anything if I need to?

Off to bed now - sleep deprived but will checktomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

princessofpower Thu 24-Jul-08 12:11:08

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict Thu 24-Jul-08 12:13:12

i would say try and up the bf and minimise the ff if possible. the antibodies in your breastmilk will help him fight it.

walkinthewoods Thu 24-Jul-08 12:16:34

My dd had cp at 2.5 yrs and ds had it age 6 mos (at the same time) DD was covered but ds only had a few spots (I was bf at the time).
I would defo up the bf and cut out ff if you can.

Mercy Thu 24-Jul-08 12:17:28

Rumpel, my ds got chicken pox when he was a few weeks old. Fortunately he only had a few spots and wasn't particularly bothered, unlike dd was 3 at the time (btw, ds was bf and it made no difference)

As the GP said, there is nothing medically you can do.

snooks Thu 24-Jul-08 12:23:51

hi rumpel, my dd3 had cpox at about 3 weeks old (a couple of months ago). I spoke to NHS Direct and my HV, both said that it is too early to be able to give calpol or anything like that so you just have to make sure they don't get a temperature (like you know). Also you can buy calamine cream from the chemists which you can use on the spots - obviously they can't tell you if they itch so I just made sure she had plenty of cream on all the time.

(NHS Direct did say that a gp can prescribe paracetomol if a baby this young does get a temperature so that is reassuring to know).

My dd3 is exclusively bf and still got cpox from her older brothers so if they're gonna get it they will get it I suppose! BTW, chances are that both your dd and mine will get cpox again in the future (mine had it very mildly). HTH you a bit, hope your dd is better soon, I'm sure she will be smile

msstig Thu 24-Jul-08 19:37:19

If babe is less than a month old and does appear to be getting chicken pox types blisters, you should see your GP as immune systems of small babies react differently from older babies and CP may need treatment. My dd1 gave CP to dd2 on the day she was born and despite reassurance from everyone that bf would protect her she got spotty on day 18 - admitted to hospital for observation but was fine. Good luck!

RUMPEL Thu 24-Jul-08 20:19:18

thanks everyone for your advice. MW came today and said that bubba should be immune for about 4 weeks due to my immunity and bf so fingers crossed he is - just need to wait and see. Poor DD has lots more spots today and is covered in calomine lotion!

Wags Thu 24-Jul-08 23:14:21

My DS got chicken pox at 14 weeks. He was exclusively BF and unfortunately was covered from head to toes. His 2yr old sister also had it but fairly mildy. The Dr said to bring DS in if I thought he had it just so they could see him and make sure all was well. I also gave him Piriton for the itching, although on the bottle I think it says unsuitable for under 3 months. Dr rang the hospital and spoke to Paediatric Dr and I was given the OK to give it. (Obviously check with your own Dr's about this). If your baby does go down with it I would go to Dr straight away. A friends newborn had a temp and there was something he was given from the hospital to keep it under control, so don't assume there is nothing that can help. Hope DS manages to escape it this time round.

FoghornLeghorn Tue 12-Aug-08 10:10:44

Hi Rumpel, just wondering how your DS is after your DD having Chicken Pox ?
My DD1 came out with CP's about 10 days ago and now they've al scabbed over, this morning I've found spots on DD2
I've spoken to the hospital as DC3 was due yesterday, DD1 is fine, DD2 wont be able to visit the hosp when we go in as she will be contagious ..... I just wondered what the advice is on a newborn around active CP's

I hope your DS is OK

SoupKitchen Tue 12-Aug-08 10:18:57

DD had CP when ds was 4 weeks old. I was exclusively BF and he got away with it despite many cuddles from dd.
HV said my breast milk hepled give him my immunity.

He has just had CP now age 2.6

hope he doesnt get it

psychomum5 Tue 12-Aug-08 10:33:35

my DD3 was born with it, despite me recieving a vaccine at 38wks pregnant.......but therein lies the difference maybe, as I was not immune to it at all and DD2 was in hospital with it (immune deficiancy).

she and I were quite poorly and kept in hospital (in isolation), and DD3 had to be tube fed as she was too sleepy to feed......they gave her anti-viral meds and calpol tho, even tho classed as 'neonate' (or maybe special calpol equivilant??), and she was discharged hom at 21 days old (spent her first xmas in hospital).

it has had an affect on her immune system, but then, DD2 has an immune issue too so she may have had it anyway.

strangely however, despite her being born with it, me having the vaccination and also getting it with DD3 (poor DH......she and I ill!), and DD3 having had it since, neither of us have any antibodies to it and are at risk of catching it time and time again (and we both do get ill when it is doing the rounds!).

I do hope your LO is ok tho, and you are managing with your poorly ones.

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