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Pre-Menstrual Dysmorphic Disorder - Anyone?

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LeQueen Wed 23-Jul-08 20:42:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peacelily Wed 23-Jul-08 20:51:21

I suffer from this too (although not officially diagnosed) but is it not dysthymic disorder dysmorphic is to do with the body thymic is mood.

Also prozac for 10 days per month wouldn't work, it takes at LEAST 2 weeks to have a therapeutic effect if not up to 6. Your GP is nuts!

limecrush Wed 23-Jul-08 20:55:45

I think it is actually pre menstrual dysphoric disorder. I write as a sufferer myself. Taking SSRIs too but I can't say they work too well as yet. Agree your GP is clearly incompetent.

LeQueen Wed 23-Jul-08 21:00:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

divastrop Wed 23-Jul-08 21:01:04

i have heard of prozac being prescribed for the pre-menstrual time only,but i cant see how it would work as prozac takes at least 6 weeks to work anyway.

anyhow,i also suffer from this,and am on prozac9full-time) but ive found the only thing thats made a noticeable difference is taking chelated magnesium supplements(i tried magnesium-ok but they didnt even touch the sides,then i read on some website that chelated magnesium is better,and that vitamin B supplements{which mag-ok contain}can make anxiety and irritability worse).

girlnextdoor Wed 23-Jul-08 21:02:13

dysmorphic means you hate apart of your body so much that it is giving you psychological problems!

Have you thought of complimentary treatment- acupuncture can be very good, or chinese herbal medicine in the right hands.

limecrush Wed 23-Jul-08 21:09:59

sadly I find myself actually considering hysterectomy!!! seriously. I've finished my family and now my reproductive system seems to want to destroy the world...

girlnextdoor Wed 23-Jul-08 21:12:56

Yes- but unless you have your ovaries removed too-plunging you into menopause- you will still get the hormonal ups and downs.

I know I have this but it's as yet undiagnosed (got a docs appointment next week) I've been prescribed citalopram for it but haven't taken it as some people say it's horrendous stuff.

I get massively irritable, paranoid, tearful, lonely and needy, depressed to the point of having suicidal thoughts. I binge eat terribly when it's acute, I just want to lie down somewhere quiet and not have to deal with anything, I feel exhausted and like everything is too much to cope with, and there's something terribly wrong. I often start rows over something and nothing and break up with my dp, luckily he knows it's my Hyde side and we've never actually broken up. blush

It lasts for quite a while, too, but then miraculously disappears. I don't know when it got this bad, but for at least two weeks out of the month I just don't cope that well. When I was working I'd regularly have to have a day or two off work because I was in no fit state to leave the house.

Any of this familiar?

divastrop Wed 23-Jul-08 22:24:32

well i was starting to see a sex change as a reaslistic optionshock

jamesandthegiant-i was pretty much the same as you.for me it has got worse after every child-what was runof the mill PMT(2 days of feeling a bit irritable,paranoid and bloated)before i had children became 3 weeks of severe mood swings,paranoia,anger,despair,depression,suicidal thoughts etc etc after having no.5.

do try the magnesium,its worth it at £2.99 a bottle from least it wont do any harm if it doesnt help...

Makes you wonder what causes it!?!? I will try the magnesium, my sister swears by oil of evening primrose too.

Oh, you know when you said this: "i read on some website that chelated magnesium is better,and that vitamin B supplements{which mag-ok contain}can make anxiety and irritability worse"

well, I probably need to have lots of vitamin b12 injections next week for anaemia (just waiting for results of a blood test to confirm that I have it) is b12 the same as vitamin b? will they make the pmdd -gulp- worse?

lucyellensmum Wed 23-Jul-08 23:21:43

Someone i know has just had accupuncture for really bad PMT apparently it is very effective, but expensive. Sometimes its available on the NHS though

walkinthewoods Thu 24-Jul-08 09:24:24

OMG this is what I had. Have just read up on it and you don't suffer when bf'ing (thought I was cured of it). I have been pg/bf'ing since 2003 and from what I've read in this thread and on the net, it gets WORSE after DC's. OMG I will be bf'ing until I hit the menopause then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bitty, I want bitty.

LeQueen Thu 24-Jul-08 09:33:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

walkinthewoods Thu 24-Jul-08 12:10:32

I've had the most blind rages, I've wanted to finish with dp every month, mood swings from extremely irritable to on the floor sobbing.

Oh God the amount of times I just simmered when dp was in the room and he'd say soemthing like 'What do you want to watch', oohh that would make me explode, 'what do you mean what do I want to watch, what a stupid question'. And God forbid if he ever said 'Is it time of the month' NO ITS YOU GET OUT OF MY FACE ARSEHOLE' but of course it wasn't.

And deep down I know it is the time of the month but I would rather burn in hell than admit it and be able to stop it? No way. Best leave me alone.

I must admit I've not had the suicidal feelings or the paranoia. I suffered for almost 2 weeks before period and the it just lifts. I found a big relief in cutting back on caffeine. If I had more than a few cups a day, I would suffer. I sincerely hope that it doesn't recur when I stop bf'ing

limecrush Thu 24-Jul-08 12:20:41

I'm soooo tired though I can't give up my caffeine noooooooo

I wonder if the fact that I am in fact DIVORCING h is partly due to my PMDD which he just can't cope with any more. He can't understand why I change so much from wanting to make an effort for the kids to wanting him OUT OUT OUT OF MY FACE you c* etc etc (familiar??) immediately.

The relationship has a lot of problems even when I am saner. I just wonder if I would have put up with a lot more otherwise.

PMDD really makes you need to be alone I find. Sometimes I can actually work quite well when I have it, as long as no f*er gets in my way, etc etc blush

divastrop Thu 24-Jul-08 12:27:34

tiredness is a symptom also,i find that it comes about when my metabolism slows right down and i get severe constipation which makes me bloated and sluggish and want to eat all the time.

i have cut down of coffee as well,not a great deal,but down from about 8 cups a day to about 5,and ive started drinking herbal teas as well.

your diet can make a big difference i think.

i think its vitamin b6 or something that can make anxiety worse.

walkinthewoods Thu 24-Jul-08 12:29:43

Lime crush, That is EXACTLY how I feel too! I just want to hide away and have no contact with the human race, God knows how I'd cope if it comes back (with having kids now).

I know what you mean about the caffeine. Its like my life line atm being so exhausted.

limecrush Thu 24-Jul-08 12:46:20

yeah witw, hate to say it but my personality has changed massively for the worse since weaning ds2 in January...

my marriage has absolutely hit the skids, h now hates me with a passion. I have managed not to abuse the kids but I think all that tension/aggression which kids do generate goes elsewhere.

I have reached the point where I actually think it's better for me to live alone, even with the kids but am now in vicious custody battle with h (who of course thinks I'm mad)

there is just nothing good about this disorder, it heightens everything to breaking point. However I think I've just got to accept it as part of my personality and live with it even if no one else can sad- until the day I get a combined hystero/ovariectomy and/or go through the menopause.

ByTheSea Thu 24-Jul-08 13:02:28

Wow, is this what it is? I get like this too. Every month I turn into a monster with the kids and want to leave DH, yet the rest of the month, we have an enviable marriage. blush

cremolafoam Thu 24-Jul-08 13:11:28

yes i am a sufferer
have been on 30mg of citalopram for 4 took a while but symptoms are so much better.
i used to suffer enormous red rages tht i could not remember afterwards. once in the middle of one of these i stomped out of the house and drove and drove until there was no more land.I woke up in the car 300 miles from home.i then cried for 5 days until dh got me to the gp.then all i could do was sleep for days.Also combined with the heaviest periods- could not leave the house as was bleeding through 1 nightime pad every 20 minutes
i was also convinced that the world was against me. i would wake up and all i could think was ' i want to be dead'.

It took years before i was diagnosed.

limecrush Thu 24-Jul-08 13:58:59

cremolafoam is that one standard tablet of citalopram?

Think I may need to up my dose.

It feels too late for me. I cannot control my moods. My marriage is over which will have terrible effects on my children. As a (mad) mother I don't have much hope of a good career myself.

I keep wishing someone would put me out of my misery.

I do understand that drive drive drive feeling.

All I want is to drive to the ends of the earth sometimes.

limecrush Thu 24-Jul-08 13:59:24

can you tell my period is due in 2 days????!

cremolafoam Thu 24-Jul-08 14:05:36

10mg in the morning
20mg at night
i also take a atarax at night which is an antihistamine.this stops me fretting and worrying al night long. the sleep deprivation factor for me was the hardest. i find can cope better if i am not sleep deprived and wired up as well.
when i was just on 20mg i was still irritable and snappish.i kept feeling that i was out of pace with everyone and wanted to scream at them for being so slow and annoying.
30mg seems just right for me.
i did come off it briefly and the withdrawl was terrible( just bear that in mind)and i was back to being a banshee within a week

walkinthewoods Thu 24-Jul-08 15:11:03

OMG limecrush, so when you weaned ds2 then it came back with a vengence? God if mine came back worse than it was then I think I'll start the AD's now! Shit. Or of course never stop bf'ing. I also know the feeling of drive drive drive (not done 300 miles tho).

I also thought of whipping out all my bits to stop it but it was before dc's and I was in my late 20's early 30's.

Well thanks for warning me, Just when I thought it was safe to come out of the water. I better warn dp, he won;t be happy. Its been so nice over the last few years not to suffer.

Oh and Limecrush, how sad your marriage is on the rocks and a custody battle sounds like hell. Is there no way back? Relate? Sorry if it sounds so simplistic.

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