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Any Diabetics using an insulin pump? Can I have your experiences...

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bojangles Wed 23-Jul-08 14:43:38

I am a type 1 diabetic and am currently pregnant with DC3 - I have the possibility of switiching to a pump and was after experiences on how users have found the pump. Does it get in the way of clothes, look unslightly etc or is it just the best thing to have?

All views welcome.

hanaflower Wed 23-Jul-08 14:44:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oblomov Wed 23-Jul-08 14:52:39

Bojangles , we meet again.
Hi, how you doing.
It's me you need. How can I help ?

Oblomov Wed 23-Jul-08 14:59:17

At first, I thought I would hate it. You now the idea of being attached to something 24/7.
When I gave birth they wipped mine away and I had to fight to get it back.
Now I can't imagine being without it.
The freedom it gives you is extraordianry.
Yes it is quite heavy. Most people think it is a pager I think.
I wear trousers and skirts slot, so no trouble clipping it on. Although if flimsy, pulls skirt fabric down, to the side and show my knickers. RITE attractive.
Occasionally wear dresses. Find a way of clipping it on.
And you can buy straps and stuff to pur round your thigh etc.

What else would you like to know.

bojangles Wed 23-Jul-08 17:20:14

Thanks Oblomov and yes we do indeed meet again!

Does it hurt putting the canular (sp) in and how often do you change it. Does the canular always go in your tummy, if so does it get difficult during later pregnancy?

I am going to clinic tomorrow to look at one and have a chat but I have always wanted one for the freedom and control and was genuinely suprised when my diab consultant said I could have one! I thought they were really tough in funding but I am having problems and it looks that I have also lost my hypo warnings.

What do you do with it at night? Does it get tangled up? Do you disconnect for intimate moments! (not many of those here!).

To catch up from the other thread, both the diab and obs consultants were very supportive today and told me I had to work less or not at all as the stress and effort of being pregnant and diabetic was too much whilst also working full time with 2 pre schoolers and they are both going to do me letters for work.

I will let you know how the pump clinic goes tomorrow.

Oblomov Wed 23-Jul-08 18:14:25

Not pleasant putting canular in, but not major.
2-3 days for changing normally. Every 2 days in pregnancy.
Always in tummy, for me. Think that is the norm.
No problem in later pregnancy.
the sleeping at night and getting tangled was the bit I found hardest to get used to. I am used to it now. Bit like everything I suppose. You do get used. I wore pants and clipped it onto the side to start with. That helped me not lose it and not get tangled to start with.
I take it off for : showers, bath, swimming, and making love.
Other than that, it stays on.

Re working. Sounds like a result. What are they suggesting ? No work at all ? Or part time, or what?

You and I could be off together grin
See you later. Let me know how you get on.

bojangles Thu 24-Jul-08 13:12:06

Hi Oblomov

Which pump do you have - I saw the Roche and Animas one today and met 3 patients using pumps. One also had the BG Sensor as well (at some personal cost) and that was fantastic as it communicated wirelessly with the pump and bleeped at her if her BG went above 8 and below 4 - amazing but expensive.

I liked the Animas pump - looks quite technical but the users seemed to be working it well. I was very impressed and once I decide which one I want I can have one!!!! Hurrah.

Not really certain still about work position as Dr is saying part time or I will sign her off until start of mat leave but the part time option is still the grey area as I'm not certain about the pay position and I would without a doubt be better off financially being signed off fully. However I do want to go back so don't want to create too much bad feeling.

Oblomov Thu 24-Jul-08 17:06:53

I am on the Medtronic Paradigm MMT 722.
It has a BG sensor aswell, but I am not using that currently. They are very very expensive (although no cost to me) and I was strugggling with it a bit ,and asked if I could try it after pregnancy and Kings said fine.

As far as I know this is the main pump Kings offer. Surprised and jealous at the array you were offered. Wonder why I have only ever been given one choice.

So how soon will you get one ?

Understand about work issue. What are you going to do then ? Presumably you are waiting for work to get back to you ?

Write again soon.

bojangles Thu 24-Jul-08 18:25:12

I think they used to offer just the Roche pump but tehy now offer choice of three. They said it might take 6 weeks to get sorted which seems forever as I am very impatient! Interesting that you can have the BG sensor - here it would cost £500 to £1000 initially and ongoing cost of £36 per sensor and each one only last 3-4 days!

I am seeing my GP on Monday and I think we will then decide what to do next about work. I left it at work that the Dr had signed me off to sort out blood sugars. So still up in the air but I guess he could extend signing me off to get me sorted on the pump perhaps!

Will keep you informed.

Oblomov Thu 24-Jul-08 19:17:12

Where are you Bojangles ?
I live in Chertsey, J11 of M25. Near Heathrow. I travel to Kings which is Denmark Hill, London. Approx 2 hrs there and back. Can be 3-4 hrs on a bad day. Nightmare.

All mine is funded. By my local authority. I pay nothing.

bojangles Thu 24-Jul-08 19:20:23

I live in East Midlands - I think the funding varies so much between authorities - my previous requests to look at the pump had all been met with a 'no way' as I din't meet the NICE guidelines - not entirely certain i do fully now but they obviously have more funding.

bojangles Mon 28-Jul-08 19:57:25

Just another update...look slike I won't get my pump until first week of sept. Saw the Dr today and he doesn't want me to go back to work until I have the pump - so has signed me off for 4 weeks and will do so again until it is fitted. Know I should be relieved about being off work but I just wish the pump was happening sooner so I can get sorted.

Oblomov Wed 30-Jul-08 16:23:06

hey, how are you doing ? Was thinking about you.
This is good about work. Bad about pump.
That is very bad. What is the delay. How many weeks are you now Bojangles ? Sorry, remind me. I am 24. No, that is not acceptable. 5 weeks. No that isn't good enough. Kings , would give immed, I am sure, or arrange one from another clinic.
If they want one for a patient THAT BADLY, and they have none at the time (they only have a limited stock to lend out) they move heaven and earth to get one, from another clinic, or whatever. I know they have done this , for people.
You will be mid 20's weeks then, won't you.
I am not impressed, on your behalf smile

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