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Be honest - do you still like to have a sun tan

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whatdayisit Tue 22-Jul-08 22:25:35

Despite knowing what you know?

I am naturally blonde with skin to match. It burns easily to being with, but once it get going goes a nice golden colour.

Now I don't sunbathe (can't stand the boredom) but I do like to be outdoors and I do like it when I have a bit of colour. I am always very careful not to burn, but I know this tan is still damage. Doesn't stop me doing it though and looking at the colour of the other mums at school today, I'm not alone. Why do we still love it so much?

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 22-Jul-08 22:28:34

Message withdrawn

whatdayisit Tue 22-Jul-08 22:32:31

That's me exactly Starlight - the only time I can wear anything sleeveless is when I have a tan to dry up the spots. smile

PrettyCandles Tue 22-Jul-08 22:33:42

I do look healthier when I have a bit of a tan, it evens out my skin-tone. I think it does that for most people - as SMcK said, a slight tan hides blemishes and disguises blotchiness.

unknownrebelbang Tue 22-Jul-08 22:34:56

I like the idea of a tan, but prickly heat gets me every time.


ranting Tue 22-Jul-08 22:40:01

I can't tan to save my life, if I don't have factor 30 on I burn to a crisp and even being out in the sun all day (with the factor 30 on obviously) doesn't tan me, I just go a healthy shade of white. And fake tan just looks hmm on me, so I am permanently lily white. You learn to live with it. <<sigh>>

seb1 Tue 22-Jul-08 22:40:41

DD1 came in recently to tell me how her friend who is 8 was just back from holiday and her friend was saying "Oh look at my tan". DD1 was moaning how white she was (celtic colouring) I said it is much better to be pale and interesting.

PrettyCandles Tue 22-Jul-08 22:40:45

Unknownrebelbang - try antihistamines.

WeeBesom Tue 22-Jul-08 22:42:41

I do, I'm not too keen on the way I look and having a bit of a tan gives me a little more confidence.

ranting Tue 22-Jul-08 22:43:05

Have you noticed though how many of the 'young folk' flaunt their white limbs in a pale state though, it's becoming a bit of a fashion amongst teens nowadays. Maybe I am 'in' for the first time in my life. Seb, I like the pale and interesting <<floats round being pale and interesting>>

lazaroulovesleggings Tue 22-Jul-08 22:44:32

I used to use sunbeds all the time, and it hasn't dome me any favours. I do like having colour, and I can't use fake tan because I'm allergic to it, which is a pita.

ladymariner Tue 22-Jul-08 22:45:53

I love the sun!
I feel so much better with a tan, I like looking glowing and it always makes me feel better when the sun is shining and I'm outside.

When I'm old (older!) and have skin like an old boot remind me I said this!!!

ranting Tue 22-Jul-08 22:48:07

My sis in law has put me off of tans though, she never uses sun cream and always have a very deep dark tan but, her skin is now starting to get those dark sun spot patches and she's starting to look a bit leathery. Maybe it's my age that makes me think that though.

Amphibimum Tue 22-Jul-08 22:48:55

i look healthier and much better all round with a tan. but im allergic to the sun. so i use fake tan. problem solved grin

seb1 Tue 22-Jul-08 22:50:22

Did anyone see ten years younger last week, the sun had aged that women terribly.

MintChocAddict Tue 22-Jul-08 22:50:42

Agree ladymariner. Makes me feel great even though I am aware of all the risks. Cover DS up with UV suits and factor 50+ while I bake in the sun. Total hypocrit(sp?) blush

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 22-Jul-08 22:51:25

I can't take any sun at all on my white freckly skin.
But am far too pale to have my legs out without some fake tan on.
So I just put a light fake tan on my legs if I am planning to wear a skirt.
Pale and interesting wasn't in when I was in my teens, and I don't think pale and saggy will be in now sad

ladymariner Tue 22-Jul-08 22:51:36

which fake tan do you use, Amphibimum, I'm trying to find one which is reasonably priced, easy to use and doesn't smell of vinegar!!

Kbear Tue 22-Jul-08 22:53:05

I love a light tan but hate sunbathing and always have. Got a bit of colour on holiday earlier this year and like having brown legs for once so I have started using the Garnier tinted moisturiser which is the best I've tried so far. It rubs in well and doesn't look patchy and most importantly is not orange! It's a hint of tan more than a radioactive glow!

SueW Tue 22-Jul-08 23:01:51

I like a bit of a glow.

I am pleased that altho I'm 40 people on make up counters tell me I don't need anti-aging stuff but I have pigmentation problems on my forehead - it goes blotchy in the summer - and I'm sure it's down to my forehead catching the sun too much when I was younger and used to spend lots of time in the pool/sea in sunny weather.

cremolafoam Tue 22-Jul-08 23:03:53

yes am spraying it on as i write
never sunbathe anymore, but even wearing high factor cream i tend to get a brown face and arms over the summer.

Amphibimum Tue 22-Jul-08 23:08:55

its a home diy spray jobbie. um...loreal? not sure, but its a fine mist and you can get a face one and a body one. as long as i go easy and build it up in layers over days, it seems to go on pretty evenly. i used to be expert at the full body cream rub in sort of stuff, but i really couldnt be arsed these days. would prob cock it up too.

ranting Tue 22-Jul-08 23:10:40

My problem with fake tan isn't streaks, it just looks odd on me and whoever reckoned St tropez was a good fake tan for pale people was lying...lying I tell ye.

<<Still pale and interesting>>>

PeaMcLean Tue 22-Jul-08 23:13:47

What's a suntan???? grin

I'm ginger blonde - it's just not going to happen.

it absolutely drives me mad though when people say "oooh, was the weather bad?" when I come back from holidays. Erm, hmm

ladymariner Tue 22-Jul-08 23:15:26

thanks, I'll give it a go.

and yes, mintchoc, I'm the same with ds, factor 50, t-shirt on him after a short while, sorting his sunshade out whilst he's reading on the sunbed.....meanwhile, I'm lying on a lilo in the middle of the pool so that the rays reflect off the water and hopefully tan me even quicker. And then staying on my sunbed in the sun even though I'm actually a bit too hot "cos I'm on my hols, it'll be raining back home!!" blush

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