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Vomiting child - but don't think it's a bug. Any ideas?

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Servalan Tue 22-Jul-08 21:41:30

DD (2) was very sick the night before last. She was settling to sleep with me giving her a cuddle. She got very wiggly and unsettled and suddenly threw up everywhere. She was upset and shaken, but as soon as I had cleaned her up she cheered up very quickly and went to sleep, not vomiting again.

I did notice when I got her ready for bed about an hour before it happened that her stomach looked quite bloated and felt a bit solid.

Yesterday and last night and during the day today no vomitting at all.

From that I thought that it must have been that she ate something that unsettled her or catyrr(sp) making her sickly rather than any kind of bug.

Then tonight I was making dinner. I was just about to dish it up when she threw up all over the kitchen floor. Again she was initially upset and shocked, but cheered up very quickly once I had cleaned her and the floor up. She has gone to bed without dinner but I did give her a drink of water which she gulped down. So far she hasn't been sick again.

I'm not sure whether to treat it as a bug and do the 48 hour thing around other children. I don't think it's a bug - there's no diarrhoea or other symptoms. She's been quite clingy the last few days, but I put that down to some kind of developmental change - she's still doing plenty of singing, dancing and running about.

One thing I'm wondering is if it's to do with how much milk she's drinking. I often give her milkshakes (just a bit of fruit blended with some milk) as a way to get her to drink milk. I make them with 250ml of milk and she always gulps the whole lot down. It seems a big beaker of liquid to be sloshing about in her stomach - but then again I have no clue of how much milk a child should drink in one go (I breastfed until recently and never expressed, so had no way of guageing how much milk she was consuming in one go). She often has these drinks and doesn't react to them - but then she had a milk shake the day before yesterday and one today, but not one yesterday so I'm wondering if there's a link.

The only other thing I can think is she's been playing in the garden a lot the last couple of days and has a tendency to put stuff in her mouth - though I've not noticed her trying to consume any plants in the last couple of days.

Sorry for the marathon post. Thanks for any thoughts/experience

cookiemonstress Tue 22-Jul-08 21:45:32

Don't have any great insights except that when mine have had bugs in the past they have sometimes seemed fine except when they are being sick i.e. bugs that have completely floored me and had me hugging toilet seem not to effect them in same way. For that reason, i'd not disregard it as a virus (there are a number of tummy things doing the rounds). Maybe wait few days and re-introduce milkshake and see what happens?

fledtoscotland Wed 23-Jul-08 08:48:05

what fruit do you put in your milkshakes? sounds similar to the reaction DS has to strawberries ie no "illness" just projectile vomiting.

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