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Any medic types - what's the deal with a 'water' infection??

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oysterpots Tue 22-Jul-08 15:13:27

I assume my GP means a UTI (WHY do they speak in such dumbed down language? She even said front passage... I do have a Bsc...) hmm

Anyway, she found traces of protein, pus and blood in my urine and has prescribed me a three-day course of antibiotics.

I'm just interested in what it might be, how I got it and how long it will last. Any ideas??

scootermum Tue 22-Jul-08 15:22:42

UTI is can get it lots of ways-not drinking enough (water), drinking too much (booze), vigourous hows yer Father,too tight knickers/trousers, changing your soap or detergent..

Antibiotics clear it up within days in my experience (depends how bad it is, but wouldnt think longer than a week)

Drink lots of water/cranberry juice..and you could try one of those feminine soaps ? (I find that term so absurd, ^feminine soap^ >snort<)

Sidge Tue 22-Jul-08 15:32:49

Ugh don't try feminine products! More likely to give you a UTI or thrush!

A water infection is a bacterial infection. Often bacteria from the bowel can be transferred into the urethra by wiping from back to front, so remember to wipe from front to back. Drink loads of water - cranberry juice can prevent bacteria sticking to the bladder wall.

The antibiotics should zap it pretty quickly.

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