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dd1 (5) complaining of terrible tummy pain

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HeyEnidYouveLostWeight Mon 07-Feb-05 16:38:41

She's yelping with pain...I am crap when my kids are ill as they are ill so rarely - what on earth do you give/not give for a poorly tummy?

amynnixmum Mon 07-Feb-05 16:40:44

Ahh poor dd. My mum used to give us milk of magnesia or andrews liver salts. So far I've just given mine calpol.

HeyEnidYouveLostWeight Mon 07-Feb-05 16:42:48

der...calpol - didnt think that would be any good for tummies but will try, thanks x

unicorn Mon 07-Feb-05 16:45:11

have you ruled out appendicitis?...
neither of mine have had it, but it sounds like she is in agony, may be worth taking her to Doctor's/A+E ?

HeyEnidYouveLostWeight Mon 07-Feb-05 16:47:13

her tummy is really distended and tight, like she is pushing out her tummy muscles. Will give calpol and wait an hour or so.

Must go and cuddle her and watch 'Matilda'

sobernow Mon 07-Feb-05 16:49:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Mon 07-Feb-05 16:51:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

unicorn Tue 08-Feb-05 07:51:39

how's she now enid?

HeyEnidYouveLostWeight Tue 08-Feb-05 09:05:15

looks terrible this morning (as though she has a black eye ) but is desperate to go to school so I have let her go - tummy seems better (she slept for a solid 13 hours last night).

kid Tue 08-Feb-05 09:31:25

Does she have any other symptoms?
My DS was complaining of a tummy ache recently but he seemed okay in himself. Then he went off his food and had a slight temperature. The Dr advised to give him calpol but after 2 weeks they sent him to the hospital and pnemuonia (sp?)was diagnosed. His temperature used to get higher in the afternoon, but he didn't have a high temp all day, weird! Maybe a trip to the Drs would be best, I'm never confident to try and diagnose something myself as far as the kids go. Thats why I spend so much time at the Drs!

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