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Superglue in hair...ok not strictly health but....

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mankyscotslass Mon 21-Jul-08 16:14:33

not sure where else to put it!

About 3 weeks ago youngest Manky (2yr9mth)split the back of his head open. He had it glued together at A & E. The nurse that did it was lovely, said not to worry, it will wash out in a week or too. hmm

It looks like she may either have underestimated it's staying power or just made that one up, because it's not shifting. sad

My ds has medium length brown hair, its all stuck together in a couple of clumps at the back, it looks awful.
I have tried nail polish remover on cottonwool,and leaving in conditioner, no luck.

Any one have any ideas on how to get rid of it without getting rid of his curls? DH is all for shaving his hair off, and at the moment it looks like that may be the only option. sad

worrybum Mon 21-Jul-08 18:37:57

MSL have you just been washing it or have you tried gently combing shampoo through starting off at the end and working way up?

Don't laugh at me but a few months ago I squirted quick dry adhesive in my eyes, face and hair! was looking down the nozzle whilst squeezing wondering why the glue wouldn't come out when the nozzle flew off and half the contents of the tube ended up in my face! Was in too much of a rush to get to eye casualty to worry about my matted hair.

Use a very fine toothed comb.It took a few days but it did eventually work for me.

mankyscotslass Mon 21-Jul-08 20:44:52

Thanks, I'll try, but he isn't the most cooperative of boys. Maybe some chocoalte buttons will help?
I hope your eyes were ok?
Thanks again smile

pickledparsnips Mon 21-Jul-08 23:09:58

moisturise with vaseline -
have also heard that Coke works as well!

mankyscotslass Wed 23-Jul-08 13:03:52

Thanks, I will try that tonight! Little menace, I have a feeling this will not be the last trip to casualty. grin

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