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Grumbling appendics or pulled tummy muscles?

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loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 14:18:10

DS (9) has tummy pain on and off, each bout lasts for a couple of days, i put it down to a pulled muscle as its right at the bottom and always seems to occur after him doing something strenuous. This morning he woke me at 7 30 saying he had bad tummy pain, i gave him nurofen, no temp but he seemed a bit off colour, awhile after that he was sick, but this could of been down to a rich meal he had last night and he hasnt been sick since. Spoke to my mum and she suggested grumbling appendics, i googled this and have scared myself as it does sound likely, have made him an appointment for 3 40, but what will they do? will theys end him to hospital?

herbietea Mon 21-Jul-08 14:21:13

Message withdrawn

wannaBe Mon 21-Jul-08 14:23:32

where is the pain. Appendix is on the righthand side but will start there and could move to the left iyswim?

I had my appendix out when I was10.

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 14:25:43

Did the GP send him to hospital immediately herb? or did they leave him with it 'grumbling' for a while?
Wannabe, he says pain is central but moves to the left?

wingandprayer Mon 21-Jul-08 14:28:21

Other symptoms of appendicitus are that although the area's tender when pressed it tends to hurt more as you lift your hand off and also has he got really bad breath?

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 14:31:39

thanks WAP, will check that out, havent noticed smelly breath TBH. At the moment hes happily playing 'no fleas on fred' with his sister hmm

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 14:32:08

Oh also, will the GP no if its appendics or not by examining him?

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 14:34:11

i mean know obviously grin

herbietea Mon 21-Jul-08 14:34:47

Message withdrawn

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 14:41:29

Oh dear, so you think the chances are he will be sent to hospital then? sad
He seems sooooo much better now though should i still take him? or can i leave it for now? <hopefull>

flamingtoaster Mon 21-Jul-08 14:47:39

Glad your DS is getting better. I would let the doctor examine him to see if he gets the pain when his appendix is pressed on and then released. Hope you can find the cause. My DS had recurrent tummy aches for years which were said to be "grumbling appendix" (until the label went out of fashion). They never removed it because the attacks weren't bad enough to justify it. We later found out that he was coeliac and once on the gf diet the tummy aches went.

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 14:49:28

thanks FT. Am soooo scared, he'd be terrified the poor love if he ahs to go to hospital.

wingandprayer Mon 21-Jul-08 14:53:29

Take him, otherwise you know what'll happen...he'll get another tummy ache and you'll want to kick yourself. Sods law.

Appendicitus very difficult to diagnose, they can run blood tests for white bood cell count I think, but mine were all still negative hours before they whipped the rotten thing out. If doctor not sure today but he continues to get stomach aches may need some weight throwing around to get doctor to refer to hospital - you should also get him checked for IBS (mine covered up appendicitus for years) and other bowel problems. Not that I am saying it is, but as Herbie said, they will often play the wait and see game with these things but that could mean your DS is frequently feeling under the weather.

Tiggiwinkle Mon 21-Jul-08 14:54:58

Children are very poorly with appendicitis. They usually have a high temperature, acute pain, sometimes vomit and as someone else said, very bad breath. My DS was 6 when he had it and was reluctant to even move off the settee. He was clearly very ill. (Even so, the stupid hospital could not decide whether it was or was not appendicitis. They delayed operating until it had burst and he got peritontitis, but that is another story!)

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 15:35:32

Thanks everyone. DH has just taken him for his appointment, ds was crying his little eyes out incase he has to go to hospital sad So im sitting here with dd and panicking, im actually spending more time on the toilet since any type of nerves on my part make me poo through the eye of a needle blush

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 15:44:32

out of curiousity, can the doctor actually feel a dodgy appendics?

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 16:26:41

hes been sent to hospital with suspected acute appendicitus and surgeons are on stand by OMG im so scared

herbietea Mon 21-Jul-08 16:47:28

Message withdrawn

flamingtoaster Mon 21-Jul-08 17:07:05

loopylou6 - Sorry to hear he's had to go to hospital - but it is better that it's properly investigated and dealt with if it is appendicitis. Operations on children are always scary - I was terrified when DS had to have his elbow pinned back together and was in theatre for an hour and a half (and, I have to say, I spent a lot of time in the loo then as well). As herbietea says he'll be fine in no time.

stleger Mon 21-Jul-08 17:26:22

They might try obsevation for a while. My dd2 has episodes of mesenteric adenitis (which is like tonsilitis, but in the abdomen). The doctors come and poke her tummy every so often to see if it is moving, better, worse... It is very painful, in a similar position to appendicitis - but wouldn't be cured by removing the appendix.

wingandprayer Mon 21-Jul-08 17:32:36

Sorry to hear he's going to hospital but at least they have taken in seriously and you know he's been properly looked at. I know it's horrible to think of surgery but focus on how much better he will be when it comes out. I felt immediately so much better and it was only then I realised how ill and for how long it had been making me feel that way. I would hate to think of a little lad feeling like that.

He'll be out within 24 hours I would imagine and a bit sore for a couple of weeks(don't make him laugh!!!)

Best wishes to both, be thinking of you

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 18:01:45

thanks everyone, st im sorry to hear about your daughter, i believe thats a very painful complaint. theres still no news, hes on the ward waiting for doctor to see him, his bp andtemp are normal

boohockey Mon 21-Jul-08 18:09:39

I spend a lot of time in hospital with my son (different issue!) and we Always see someone with suspected appendicitis! There is usually at least one in the 4 bed bay at any one time...
The procedure for our hospital is 'suck it and see' for a while and watch for temp spikes or sickness. You'll prob be much more frightened than he is so try and not panic hmm
It is truly awful when your baby is in hospital but it is also true to say that it is much worse for you then it is for them wink Even if he needs surgery he will be out in no time!
Take care and good luck

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 18:19:11

thanks BH so u think they may just send him home?

loopylou6 Mon 21-Jul-08 18:46:44

they have taken blood to check white blood something or other (why?) and said he might have to stay in over night for a stomach ultra sound in the morning but shes going to speak to her superior, dh also seems to think shes steering away from appendacitus as hes well in himself and his heart isnt racing

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